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Posted by TMO | Mar 13, 2011 @ 07:53 PM | 25,863 Views
Hi everybody. I get a promotional post on RCGroups once a week, so here's a quick update with some info about specials I'm having and what's new and/or hot.

If this is the first time you've been to my page- I run Quantum Hobby

As usual, I have all the ultra micro stuff. Since the Mosquito came out, we've all been messing around with 3 blade props. The GWS 5x3 3-Blade, and Reverse Rotation 5x3 3-Blade are perfect alternatives to the stock props, and we've tried them on the UM Beast, UM T-28, and UM Mustang with great results, in addition to replacing the Mossie's props with them. To adapt them to the gearbox output shaft- use this which is neat, easy, and not too heavy. The Beast can use them with the stock prop adapter.

Speaking of Ultra Micro's I have a pretty good selection of what works well as far as batteries: All the important Hyperions under 500mah, The Thunder Power 125 and 160, All the UM E-Flites, etc. Check it out here

Also, I have a BIG shipment of Hyperion 1S 240's coming (which have been hard to keep stocked recently, and they seem to be sold out everywhere). (EDIT- 3/14 am THEY"RE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The NEW MCP X Collective Pitch Flybarless is in. I have the RTF's and BNF's but, they won't last long!! I'm doing free shipping on both versions, so don't be shy- first come first served. I also have complete part support- yes, every part on the helicopter.

I'm running a Lipo sale on packs from Desire Power and EC. Enter coupon...Continue Reading