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Posted by TMO | Oct 11, 2010 @ 10:47 PM | 26,167 Views
We have a local guy up here in swamp yankee territory who really knows how to move the sticks. Let's call him JB. He got one these 3DHS Osirises, Andrew Jesky's mid-size F3A style pattern plane. At 62", it's alot easier to to transport, outfit, and feed watts to than a full size 2 meter.
JB went with a Scorpion 4025-10 juiced up by a Castle ICE100 on 6S5000's. Prop was an APC 15x10 E. A little over 6lbs. Just under 2000 watts or so static.
Anyway, he just sent me some pictures of the maiden and he is very stoked about it. Enjoy
Posted by TMO | Oct 01, 2010 @ 12:14 AM | 26,025 Views
I went up to the Propbusters Field on the 26th to attend Len Buffington's Glider event. Apparently I missed quite a bit of the action from Friday and Saturday, even so, I was pretty much awed by the whole thing and my hat is off to Len and the rest of the Propbusters gang for staging such a great event.

Truthfully, I don't get to see as much "pure glider" stuff as I used to. Down in Texas, I was a member at DEAF, it was pretty much an everyday thing. But since I moved to swamp yankee territory, I either see powered gliders, or handlaunch, or slopers, but not so much the big unpowered stuff.

Anyway, I'm cured. First off, I really enjoyed watching the tow plane do it's job. I don't have any details but it appeared to about a 1/4 scale Pilatus Porter with a 150cc. Just like the feeling I get from watching RC Tugs, it's nice to see a scale plane doing "real work".

Next, I really enjoyed the variety of planes that got up. Truly something for everyone. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking....Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Sep 30, 2010 @ 11:40 PM | 11,558 Views
Here are a couple shots of me and Ron messing around with his new Yak54 from Seagull at our club field one beautiful afternoon after work. It is converted over to gas from the .90-1.20 size nitro that it's made for. The conversion is a snap, and other than some cowl cutting, it's pretty much made for a 26-30cc gas motor.

I didn't get a chance to snap any flight shots, mainly because I was so in awe that I forgot (this was the maiden flight). Also I was busy back seat driving: "whaddya doin?, don't go there, don't do that, you're too low", etc. Before you judge me realize that Ron does it far worse to me

"Ol Sarge" kept it in one piece, and I must say that these small displacement gas motors are really making more and more sense in alot of .60 and up models. The plane is gorgeous in the air, and seemingly well mannered, although Ron didn't wring it out or anything.

The details of this one are: its the RCGF 26cc motor, running an 18 x 8 prop. The ignition is stock ignition, powered from a 4 cell rx battery, and switched by a Dimension Engineering Pico Switch, which is plugged into the RX in the gear channel. This switch makes a nice safety feature a) you have the ability to shut your plane off remotely, and b) in the case that you lose receiver power or bind, it will shut off the motor, thus preventing a risky "flyaway" or uncontrolled power on crash. There's also a regular ol' switch too in the same line. We have an onboard tach, which is made by DLE- it y-harnesses off of the hall sensor on the ignition, and reads out onto a red digital LED visible under the canopy...which is nice.

Anyway, more updates to come on this one I'm sure.