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Posted by AEORC | Apr 01, 2009 @ 03:29 AM | 13,768 Views
Some details about the brushless comversion aggregation from AEO:

Main motor:4.5g and 3.8g outrunner(11500kv) for 4#3
6g outrunner (11000kv) for 4g3

Tail motor:2.6g tail outrtunner(7700kv) for both 4#3 and 4g3

4.5g main motor + esc/converter(1S 5A)=4#3 BC combo

Suggesting ESC: 4.5g,3,8g main motor and 2.6g tail motor ---Power 1S 5A

6g main motor for 4g3----Walkera 1S 5A ESC or Power 1S 5A

Other brushless conversion combos:
AEO 180 Size Coaxial Heli Brushless Conversion Combo:includes -
- e-Power 5A ESC *2
- Brushless Converter*2
- C10 Brushless Motor 2900KV*2

370 Size Coaxial Heli Brushless Conversion Combo:includes-
- e-Power 20A ESC*2
- Brushless Converter*2
- ADH300L Brushless Motor 3000KV*2

Posted by AEORC | Dec 18, 2008 @ 09:36 PM | 15,985 Views
Hi guys,

The lightest 30mm ducted fan with BL outrunner is ready to the market.
That will be a nice setup

Thrust:55g with 2S
Motor: C05(AD50) 9000kv,4.6g
Motor mount diameter:14mm
Posted by AEORC | Oct 23, 2008 @ 01:49 AM | 15,331 Views
Hi guys,

Want to introduce one part of FPV system,and hope you will know more about

X-GYRO1000 and AVR1000 series for the part of X-GYRO:

Preconditions and warnings
1.X-GYRO is integrated with high precision sensor which is very sensitive to shock and moisture, please keep its storage environment dry and take good care of it.
2. Please donít try to open the X-GYRO case, or it will damage and destroy the module and lost free repair.
3. Never do FPV flying in populated areas.
4. Please take extreme care of polarity when connecting the X-GYRO with the trainer connector and battery, otherwise it can easily destroy the device.
5. Excessive movement back and forth when the power and audio/video wires were plugged into camera on pan/tilt mounts will cause fracture at the connector, if the problem happened, please use a drop of hot-glue at the cable enter of the connector to solve it.
6. Since controlling the pan/tilt servos on camera will add extra power load on RC model, please make sure your BEC on your ESC or battery can support the extra power supply. Please also read your ESC manual and make sure the servo numbers it can control to avoid out of control from FPV flying.
7. Users need to take all responsibility of breach of local law and regulation.

Brief introduction

X-GYRO 1000 is a kind of two axis head movement tracking system, based on high technology of sensor technique, designed for tracking complicated three-dimensional motion like head...Continue Reading
Posted by AEORC | Oct 10, 2008 @ 09:09 PM | 12,268 Views
Here is a new presentaion with a LCD screen has a display capability of cell count, individual cell voltage, and total pack voltage simultaneously(as the picture 1 shows).
Some details on the following:

The Cell Diag is designed for 2-6 cells(DIAG 6X)/ 2-4 cells(DIAG 4X) Li-Po batteries with balance charging port.
Working Temperature Range: -20℃ to 50℃
Weight: 10g
Dimension: 53x 29x 5mm
◎ Small, light and ultra-portable with only 5mm thickness including the LCD screen.
◎ The high resolution LCD screen has a display capability of cell count, individual cell voltage, and total pack voltage simultaneously, up to 6 cell (for CellDIAG6X) / 4 cell (for CellDIAG4X).
◎ High precision with +/-0.01V (10mv) accuracy.
◎ It is not only able to measure the Li-Po, Li-Fe battery packs via balancing port, but also capable for checking ordinary Ni-CD, Ni-HM and other battery packs with no balancing port (the optional connection adapter is necessary), such as 4.8V receiver pack.
◎ Able to direct observe the battery pack balancing condition efficiently.
◎ Cell/ Pack voltage data monitoring for chargers with no voltage display. Improve the charging process safety and reliability. (Optional Y Connection adapter is necessary)
Remarks and attentions:
- Due to the battery pack loading drop, to avoid the voltage checking difference/ error, make sure the battery pack is disconnected from the loading, and observe the reading 30 seconds later the disconnection.
- Data display refresh rate may drops in low temperature environment. This is normal because of the LCD panel characteristics.
- Although it is a device with ultra low power consumption, make sure disconnect the battery after use to void over discharge/ damage to the battery.
Posted by AEORC | Sep 19, 2008 @ 02:22 AM | 16,842 Views
Converting brush to brushless for LAMA,we use this micro motor---C10,

That is a both mini and powerful brushless outrunner.

KV:2900kv,2100kv(can be made the kv reaches about 7700kv now)
Winding Material:copper / silver-plating line
Size: 17.8mm X 15mm
Shaft Diameter: 2mm
No load Current:10V 0.5A(2900kv)
10V 0.4A(2100kv)
Max Continous Current:2.9A(2900kv)
Surge Current:3.5A(2900kv)
Max Power:25W
Recommended Prop.:4*2.5 / 5*3
Posted by AEORC | Sep 10, 2008 @ 09:21 PM | 20,668 Views
In order to require more power ,convert brush to brushless for the power system is really a good idea.
We are doing convert brush motors to brushless outrunner for Lama.The result is nice,the lama becomes driving because of the strong outrunner.

Prepare:Two C10 brushless outrunners(2900kv), two 5A brushless ESCs,and two brushless changers.

Steps' photos in the following,waitting for suggestions of yours....Continue Reading
Posted by AEORC | Sep 09, 2008 @ 09:13 PM | 13,336 Views
Hi guys,

AD50 micro motor has been updated to 9450kv and 6300kv.

Now,AD50 brushless outrunner has 4 kv:2900kv,3700kv,6300kv and 9450kv.

The weight is 4.6g including the wires.

Size:4.6g,14mm X 12mm,Shaft Length 5mm.

Test result:
---2900kv with 3020prop,thrust is 2.7oz(76.55g), 7.4V,1.6A

---3700kv with 3020prop,thrust is 2.7oz(87.89g), 7.4V,2.5A

we welcome any requires.

Posted by AEORC | Sep 08, 2008 @ 03:26 AM | 15,459 Views
FPV---First Person View ,a very advanced equipment with high practicability for flying your models.
As I know,there are not more than 5 factories producing it in the world,
but known by many people and becomes more popular now.
The following are some details about it.

*includes:①Head Movement Tracking System ② small camera③ATX10 2.4G audio-visual transmitter④ARX 2.4G audio-visual receiver⑤7.4V800mAh lipoly for receiver⑥11.1V800mAh lipoly for transmitter⑦pan/tilt(including two 9g servoes)⑧2-3S lipoly charger

*Head Movement Tracking System(for example,X-GYRO1000):
X-GYRO 1000 is a kind of two axis head movement tracking system, based on high technology of sensor technique, designed for tracking complicated three-dimensional motion like head movement and so on, it can also be used on the areas of controlling drones and robots, transferring three-dimensional motion signals from hands, head of human to corresponding movement system on RC model, drone or robot.
The basic version of X-GYRO 1000 is specially designed for RC models with FPV(First Personal Version), it can be used perfectly with main stream transmitters that gets self defining trainer channel on market or to be co-operated with wireless high frequency modular independently. It can transfer the checked movement signals to transmitter, and the transmitter can send out signals of head movement or position of head( on two axis), so that the real...Continue Reading
Posted by AEORC | Sep 07, 2008 @ 11:00 PM | 14,664 Views
I test the EDF(AEO's DF64 and DF55) by blowing the scale.Although this way is not meticulous enough and can not show the max energy, the DF64 can provide more than 700g of thrust with 3S lipo.

The following are some details and photos about testing EDF.

ADH300 DF55 (ADH300 3000KV)--Weight:59.5g
Testing Result
Volt : 10.5V
Current : 10A
Thrust :300g
Power : 105W

ADH300 DF55 (ADH300 3900KV)--Weight:59g
Testing Result
Volt : 11.1V / 10V
Current :15.8A / 13.8A
Thrust :510g / 420g

ADH300 DF55 (ADH300 4300KV)--Weight:59g
Testing Result
Volt : 10.5V / 10V
Current :23A / 21.5A
Thrust :510g / 498g
Power : 241W/ 212W

ADH300 DF64 (ADH300 3900KV)--Weight:64g
Testing Result
Volt : 10V / 11.1V
Current :16A / 19A
Thrust : 456.8g/ 535.8g
Power : 160W / 210.9W

ADH300 DF64 (ADH300 4300KV)--Weight:64g
Testing Result
Volt : 10V / 11.1V
Current :23A / 26A
Thrust : 612g/ 720.3g
Power : 252W / 288.6W

DF48 AD100 (AD100 4250KV)----(AD100=C10-L)
Testing Result
Volt : 7.4V / 8.4V
Current :4.7A / 5.6A
Thrust : 110g/ 130g
Power : 34.78W / 47.04W

DF48 AD100 (AD100 5200KV)----(AD100=C10-L)
Testing Result
Volt : 7.4V / 8.4V
Current :6.4A / 7.4A
Thrust : 160g/ 170g
Power : 47.36W / 62.16W

DF70 28XL-GTS (28XL-GTS 3300KV)---(28L motor can fit for 450 class helis)
Testing Result
Volt : 11.1V / 14.8V
Current :33A / 37A
Thrust : 780g/ 1070g
Power : 366.3W/ 547.6W

DF70 28XL-GTS (28XL-GTS 3300KV)---(28L motor can fit for 450...Continue Reading