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Posted by TMO | Sep 30, 2010 @ 11:40 PM | 11,581 Views
Here are a couple shots of me and Ron messing around with his new Yak54 from Seagull at our club field one beautiful afternoon after work. It is converted over to gas from the .90-1.20 size nitro that it's made for. The conversion is a snap, and other than some cowl cutting, it's pretty much made for a 26-30cc gas motor.

I didn't get a chance to snap any flight shots, mainly because I was so in awe that I forgot (this was the maiden flight). Also I was busy back seat driving: "whaddya doin?, don't go there, don't do that, you're too low", etc. Before you judge me realize that Ron does it far worse to me

"Ol Sarge" kept it in one piece, and I must say that these small displacement gas motors are really making more and more sense in alot of .60 and up models. The plane is gorgeous in the air, and seemingly well mannered, although Ron didn't wring it out or anything.

The details of this one are: its the RCGF 26cc motor, running an 18 x 8 prop. The ignition is stock ignition, powered from a 4 cell rx battery, and switched by a Dimension Engineering Pico Switch, which is plugged into the RX in the gear channel. This switch makes a nice safety feature a) you have the ability to shut your plane off remotely, and b) in the case that you lose receiver power or bind, it will shut off the motor, thus preventing a risky "flyaway" or uncontrolled power on crash. There's also a regular ol' switch too in the same line. We have an onboard tach, which is made by DLE- it y-harnesses off of the hall sensor on the ignition, and reads out onto a red digital LED visible under the canopy...which is nice.

Anyway, more updates to come on this one I'm sure.
Posted by TMO | Jun 27, 2010 @ 08:47 PM | 10,024 Views
My 10 y/o and I headed over to the Salem Propbusters field today to check out their funfly. Conditions were perfect, and there were alot of great people out there. The Propbusters have alot of folks who can really fly! They were founded in 1937 and have always been what we call a "real" AMA club and do things right. At the same time, the atmosphere is light, inviting, and downright fun. Even though I flew my little GWS Corsair a bit, I had the most fun just walking the pits, checking out people's projects and watching the flying. They had a great mix- gas, nitro, electric; gliders, scale, warbirds, pattern, 3D, and ducted fans. And none of the snobbiness that sometimes comes along. If you ever get an opportunity to attend a Propbusters event-do it! You can thank me later.
Here are some snapshots:
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Posted by TMO | Apr 01, 2010 @ 11:09 PM | 10,359 Views
Two of my favorite customers dropped by today to give the final checkovers on new models that they bought from the shop.

Bob stopped by to show off his amazing Nitro Planes GeeBee 120, converted to electric. This model is amazing, and as usual, Bob's flair for the little details (and some not so little ) has come shining through. We're waiting on some custom vinyl decals, but this one will fly this weekend at our club field.

Rick also stopped in to show his Hangar 9 Twin Otter. This is an amazing plane, done right, and absolutely spot on. It will also maiden this weekend, and once the flight details have been worked out, the detailing will begin. Some people, myself included, are superstitious about naming, decaling, etc. a model before it's had some flight time. On the drawing boards for this big bird are nav and landing lights, paratroopers, and counterrotating multiblade props.

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Posted by TMO | Apr 01, 2010 @ 10:44 PM | 9,678 Views
Many of my RCGroups buddies have contacted me recently to see if we survived the floods, and I'm happy to say, we're OK. It was wild though! At one point water started shooting up through tiny cracks in our cellar like little fountains. My wife called it "the Basement Bellagio". We stayed up all night with a rigged up bilge pump from my boat, and the shop vac. Others were not so lucky, and many of our neighbors and friends were devastated. Here's some pictures of my commute to the store on Tuesday, before the floods really got raging. By 3PM this afternoon the water levels in these photos were at least 2-3 feet higher- if you can believe it! Needless to say, none of the water you see is usually there. This is nothing compared to what some people in Westerly and Old Mystic faced....Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Jan 19, 2010 @ 01:40 PM | 10,469 Views
Here are some photos of Bob's CMPro 54" Spitfire. Bob (RCGroups handle: 12lolo) is a great builder, and I am posting these photos as a benefit to those who may be considering electric conversion of CMPro's very nice ARF. The challenge with this plane and just about every Spitfire I've ever done, is getting the weight far enough forward to balance out the plane. Bob succeeded, and with his custom configuration, there is no extra nose weight. The chin scoop was a practical necessity: without it the cowl area is just about airtight. Bob configured the scoop on the inside with a ramp, blowing the airflow right over the ESC and onto the windings at the back of the motor. Two holes on the top of the cowl, plus two others hidden in the back of the fuse in the tail feathers provide air outlets. The plane has dual servo retracts (Blue Bird BMS705's), and came up to a shy 6lbs. Motivation is provided by a BP U3520-6 on 4S 3600 lipos spinning a 12x8 APC E.
We went up to a BP A4120-7 and a 13x8 APC after testing. Sticking with the 4S3600's. Alot more confident now.
He installed a 60A Opto ESC and a CC 10A UBEC to provide receiver and servo power.

You could throw more motor at it, but getting it to fit would be another thing. Bob is satisfied to have a a nice scale/sport flyer, and 100 w/lb is nothing to sneeze at. I think the 41/42mm outrunners out there running on 5s+ voltage could really turn this thing into a hot rod, but that size is about the...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Dec 15, 2009 @ 02:33 PM | 10,052 Views
A friend bought one, and the weather finally cooperated enough, and we both had time so: here is the verdict.

This plane is gorgeous and flies exceptionally well. The setup is bone stock with TP 3S 2200's. He made some cosmetic alterations to personalize it. It took off and landed well, despite our bumpy and mushy field. In the air it was nothing but solid throughout the usual range of maneuvers. It glided exceptionally well, and stalled predictably for a warbird. Plus, it looked FANTASTIC while doing it all. We were both pumped, and I can see this plane getting alot of airtime up at our field. Here are some snapshots:...Continue Reading
Posted by TMO | Dec 06, 2009 @ 12:29 AM | 9,968 Views
Today's the day! I finally got it all in there, and although you can go crazy tweaking every last detail, I "flipped the switch" on my e-commerce site and it is now alive! I'm sure the design and layout will be a constant work in progress. If anybody would like to check it out I'd appreciate any feedback and constructive criticism. Down the road once I catch my breath, I'm hoping to add site content in the form of video, tutorials, and setup information so I can somehow get the vibe of our store through to our web customers as well. It may too lofty a goal, but I want to be people's online local hobby store- with the info, service, and carefully screened and selected product that I have in my bricks and mortar store.
Anyway...The url is
Check it out
Posted by TMO | Oct 01, 2009 @ 08:10 AM | 9,444 Views
Made for a friend. Full House w/ steerable tw. 1250 20C Lipo. BP2217/9 w/ 9x7.5 HD. 16oz all up RTF.
Posted by TMO | Sep 08, 2009 @ 07:29 PM | 9,191 Views
This one has a 2217/9, GWS 9x7.5 HD on 3s. 1250's. 4 servo full house setup. 18oz all up. Flies great. Blistering runs, nice pullouts and vertical.