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Internet to the rescue...


You can use the surface length for one side by measuring it and have the angle given. Give the calculator the following angles: given angle, 90 - given angle, and 90 degrees; for one side the surface length and calculate. The result will give you the side you need.
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I am going to collect here resources as I learn about Gas Engines.

FAQ for Gas Engine Newbies:


Joe Hobbies Beginners Guide to Gas Engine

Engine Tunning Basic from TerryCustoms:

Discussion on Glow to Gas equivalency:

Basic Engine Setup by TerryCustoms:

Engine Repair Service and Blog:
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How to Document by Yufasa

How to change Faceplates:

Features and Questions thread:

How to Setup a Model by Yufasa:
Setting up a model from scratch on a Graupner MZ-32 (1 hr 9 min 32 sec)

YouTube.com Graupner's video playlist:

How to setup Flap to Elevator Mix:
Aileron_Setup_Graupner_MZ-32 (4 min 37 sec)
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I plan to document in this entry how to replicate simple Spektrum Airwave radio programming tasks that are a little more elaborate to program in the Graupner MZ-24 Pro radio.// Planeo documentar en esta entrada como replicar programación simple de radios Spektrum Airwave en el Graupner MZ-24 Pro en el cual es un poco mas elaborado hacer algunas cosas.

First, Graupner switches as described in the manual
//Primero, descripción de los interruptores que están disponibles en el Graupner

• 1 two-position switch with long handle (S6)// 1 interruptor de dos posiciones con mango largo
• 1 three-position switch with long handle (S3)// 1 interruptor de tres posiciones con mango largo
• 4 three-position switches with a short handle (S1, S4, S5 and S7)// 4 interruptores de tres posiciones de mango corto
• 2 one-side, self-neutralizing three-position switches with long handle (S2 and S8)// 2 interruptores de tres posiciones con neutralizado automático de un lado
• 2 INC/DEC buttons (DT1 and DT2)// 2 botones de INCrementar/DECrementar
• 2 rear proportional sliders (SL1 and SL2)// 2 controles lineales proporcionales
• 4 proportional dials (DV1 - DV4) // 4 controles rotativos

I did not find this information, before buying the Graupner radio and asked for it, but it is in the manual burried in the information for assigning control to channels. // Esta información no la pude encontrar antes de comprar la radio Graupner y pregunte por ella, pero esta disponible en el manual enterrada en la información para asignar controles a los canales.

Percent to time for Spektrum Radios, as stated by Andy:

On Spektrum and JR radios, 100% range = 1100 to 1900us.
125% = 1000 to 2000us.
150% = 900 to 2100us.

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Need to know your servo spline number:


Necesita saber cuantos dientes hay en el eje de su servo, visite el sitio al que lo lleva el enlace. Encontrara las especificaciones por fabricante.
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For me is difficult to send the radio in for a switch replacement because I am overseas. I searched the forums for the correct part numbers for the switch replacements, and it was not that easy, all the information is scattered between comments so I got the lead of brand and correct thread size for the beauty nuts to fit.

My results with part numbers are:

Three position small flat switch:
Digikey PN: 360-3393-ND
NKK Switches PN: M2013ES4W01

Two position long flat switch:
Digikey PN: 360-3388-ND
NKK Swithces PN: M2012E4S4W01

Three position long round switch:
Digikey PN: 360-3394-ND
NKK Switches PN: M2013Q4S4W01

Part numbers provided for : https://www.digikey.com/
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After a couple of years in the hobby, I decided to have my first post on the Blog. I am going to try to gather links in this post of information found around the web and this site, that would be of help to beginners. I am going to concentrate on RC Planes, for which I have more experience.

Después de un par de años en el hobby, he decidido hacer mi primer post en este Blog. Yo voy a tratar de recoger enlaces en este articulo sobre información que se encuentra en la Web y este sitio que puede ser de interes para principiantes. Me voy a concentrar en Aviones RC, para el cual tengo mas experiencia.

How do you assemble the grommet -eyelet-screw in a servo? Cómo se arma la combinación de elemento para atornillar un servo.

The following post has a picture/El siguiente enlace tiene una descripción gráfica: