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Posted by D Dale | Sep 01, 2014 @ 12:30 PM | 23,392 Views
So a couple weeks ago I asked if anyone tried the E600 system with 10 inch props.. Either I missed the post or no one spoke up... So I thought ok here is great project... see if it will work!

Well I did not want to spend $600usd on a test!! so off to the internet and try to find something close to it... well I found a new motor company.. or new to me.. they have 3508 415kv, now whether how true their 415kv is what says it is, well that's another story.. maybe trying to cash in on the E600 system... any way I got eight of them for for $200 free shipping.. they came from China BUT, got them today and ordered them on the 16th.. not bad for China Post!!!
I got 9 45amp Simon K ESC's from RCTimer for $138.. that I got in 3 days... Love DHL!!!

So I have 2 spare motors for mishaps and or crappy motors and 3 extra esc.. My other thought was to build 2 F450's with these 415kv if things workout.. so I will have a spare esc... Never can have to many spare parts!!!

So I had a spare F550 and a Naza Lite... Off to the shop and solder!
So here is the test results!! No Lights, Cameras.. Just some shorty landing gear!!
AUW 2080 with 2 Venom 2200mah 20c in series to create a 6s 2200mah battery.
Props 10x5.0 carbon based
First test combined moving and hovering, 10 to 15 punch out to 60 feet.. then pull the throttle to almost nothing then full throttle before it hit the ground. zipping back an forth in my yard, spinning around on its axis...
I was shocked I got 12 minutes on...Continue Reading