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Posted by FranciscoB | Jul 15, 2015 @ 05:28 PM | 4,611 Views
Here's a simple but effective setup for a hot wire foam cutter.

See which is the best wire gauge or length of wire for the task at hand:

The plastic connectors are optional, you can use them if you're not in the mood for soldering.
The 9v battery powers the ammeter/voltmeter screen (simple and straightforward) but you can use anything 4.5volt up. You can even use a step-down module set to 5 or 6v connected to the laptop power supply, for example.
Posted by FranciscoB | Mar 16, 2015 @ 01:19 PM | 6,438 Views
I'm in my early 30s and when I was a kid I had a fascination with rc planes. Gas powered planes were the popular stuff around but very expensive. I then started buying RC cars and planes mags, making wishlists and plans for the future but eventually military scale modelling became my hobby (to this day).

Some time ago I purchased one of those very popular WL Toys V911 helis. This was my introduction to the hobby and it's still very, very enjoyable. Upon learning that the same transmitter would work with their F939 plane receivers, I got myself some motors, gearboxes and props as well, all fueled by the amazing creations I've been discovering here on RCGroups, namely in the Foamie and Saiplane section, and all the support from member ABCC.

I found out I may have a soft spot for gliders, mostly vintage stuff - simple but effective - therefore I'll be experimenting with balsa and foam in the future. I'm glad my attention was directed towards foam planes, otherwise I'd given up with all the cra$hing and sorrow


Here are a few videos of my 3 first flight sessions. I've been trying to teach myself how to fly these OSG (one sheet gliders), by RCGroups member Springer and it's been wonderful. My goal is to be able to do some slope soaring at the beach one of these days. My current location (that you can see in the video) usually has around 5-6 mph winds (10 km/h, 2m/s) coming from North to North-West, which as been good to learn how to soar.

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