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Posted by DH60GM | Aug 12, 2017 @ 01:35 PM | 70,647 Views

This is my first build in over 35 years so guaranteed to make a few mistakes along the way .

I was going thru some boxes and found some photos and news paper article's my Dad had given me a while ago of my Grand Fathers 1929 De Havilland DH60GM Gipsy Moth CF-APA SN/1322 that he had purchased and rebuild over 4 year period back in the 60s and flew all over with my Grandmother and a lot of flights with my Mom and a commemorative mail flight recreation in Alberta. Even found one picture of me on my dads lap in the cockpit when I was just a pup " 4years old I think" lol.

Dusted off the photos and found a place on the wall for them and the news paper articles. That got me thinking, wonder if I can find 1/4 RC plans for the Gipsy and build a functional RC plane.

That was back in October 2016..lol . I purchased the short kit and plans from Bob at Laser Design Service and Im off to the races.

10 months later I have made a lot of progress, talked and emailed back and forth with great folks for information on the DH60.

The build has been going great so the first few posts for the build log will go quick to get up to where I'm at currently with the cockpit and controls.

Before I get going there are a few fellows I would like to send a huge thanks to for information, pictures, blueprints, emails and phone calls and such.

Cubcrafter60 "Robin"
Gary Sewall - gipsymoth236k
Ray McDougall - Ray built a beautiful Gipsy Moth, his current...Continue Reading