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I asked them to deliver my order to a South Carolina address. It was delivered to someplace called Springfield Gardens in New York! I do not live there nor have I ever lived there. I donít know where they got this address.

Additionally, the ordered item does not appear on my list of ordered items. The order does not show up in my account, but they took my money when I paid them. I am just so angry, when I try to recover the account all I get is some Chinese lettering that I just do not understand. They also went on a vacation from Oct 1 to 7th.

Now they closed the dispute without comment and wont respond to me at all. I tried to use the [email protected], but it is FULL AND NOT ACCEPTING EMAILS. Does anyone know how I can proceed against them legally? Is small claims court my best option?
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Part One: Normal Faces Out

Objects seen in PhoenixRC are made up of points (vertices), lines between points (edges) and planes made from 3 or more edges (faces). An object has a group of faces on the side towards you and a group away from you. An object is "manifold" if the side facing away from you is enclosed fully within the object (considered water tight). Manifold Objects are easy, they have an outside face (normal normals) and an inside face (flip normals) sharing the same vertices and the rendering software can recreate these from logic. In designing our models, we very seldom get to have true Manifold pieces to project our 2 dimensional artwork (texture) onto. We tell the rendering software...This surface is normal or this surface is flipped. When the Canopy or Portals of our model are just grey texture that we have projected onto it, we don't care about the "see-through" state of the faces behind the texture. But in both Blender and Phoenix builder we are given controls to 1) make the surface (material) transparent by a percent entry and 2) make the face normal or flip. In this mini-how-to I will also show the control entry for "reflective" (mirror in Blender), since it is useful and right next door.

Placeholder for Normals/Transparent Image
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A new Flying Site for Phoenix Flight Sim. Star Wars!

As the mighty Imperial Battle Fleet jumps in from hyperspace to reinforce the partially complete yet functional Death Star, Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, pursued by the evil Darth Vader rushes to join the fight. Nothing will stop him, not even Vader.

Anticipating the impending attack, the Rebel space fleet barely manages to escape in time evacuating the innocent, women and children who have fled their homes.

The Imperial Death Star fires its main superlaser weapon blasting the Rebel Planet apart which explodes in a massive fireball spewing molten debris into space as it is ripped asunder. The Death Star launches its TIE fighter squadrons to counter the oncoming Rebel Xwing forces who are lead by Luke Skywalker himself. May the Force be with him.

Let battle commence!

Can you find Darth Vader?

Star Wars Phoenix Site (0 min 59 sec)

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In a similar way as the MIG29 I made the F22 taking the drawing from the 3 vews of the real plane with minor modifications. Size has been selected at 55 cm (22") and the weight resulted of 209 gr (without battery) for 2 reasons: for the same wingspan there is more surface and I had to add 10 gr lead on the tail to be able to enter a decent spin (screw?) maneuver; I could have avoided that placeing the motor just 2 cm tailward. Sorry for the few "out of the frame moments, maybe I'm not so good as I thought.

f 22 (4 min 27 sec)

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This is Wild Bill Flynn's E-flite Ultrix 600mm BNF Basic Maiden Flight Review At Log Show.

Billl's E-flite Ultrix 600mm BNF Basic Maiden Flight Review At Log Show (7 min 53 sec)

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FMS Ranger 1220

I happened across this plane less than a week ago. I have been staying away from trike landing gear but noticed this one has a spring loaded nose gear, and that appealed to me. Read the longest thread on this plane, less than 5 full pages, and mostly made it sound fairly good.
Name: FMS1220 ranger.jpg
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Size: 680.4 KB
I am still learning to fly manually using a Hobbyzone Carbon Cub S 2 and an E-flite Valiant, both tail draggers. Haven't really learned to use the flaps well for landing, but do use them for take offs, so the Ranger not coming with flaps doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Valiant tracks very well on the pavement, but I have not been able to get the Cub to go very straight, so flaps help a lot with take off on the Cub. The Valiant seems like a much better plane than the Cub to me, only problem was the tail gear that I replaced before I even flew it. Cub came with a lot of problems I had to work on. I am thinking the Ranger will track on the road much better with the trike gear. And I can always add flaps if I want them.
The PNP of the Ranger at Horizon(and other places) is $199.99 and $219.99 for the RTF. RTF comes with battery, transmitter, charger, and an FMS Reflex flight controller. Reflex is FMS version of Safe. So I ordered the RTF at 3:00 am on 10/16/2021 because Horizon had 4x reward points that weekend. Used $25 worth of my points and ended up with more points than I started with. I expect the plane to be delivered by 10/20/2021 from...Continue Reading
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I like my Radiomaster gimbal LEDs, but sometimes I just want to turn them off. Here's a video showing how to add a switch to do just that.
How-To Add a Latching Momentary On/Off Switch for your Radiomaster TX16s Gimbal LEDs (7 min 36 sec)

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Just drove by an old lady in the street lying on the ground in front of the curb side trash cans. Thought it was a Halloween prop but wasn't sure so I pulled over and got out. She started to move and talk. Paramedics were called and arrived quick. Appears she just collapsed and wasn't hit. Had to make sure the ambulance came since most people these days just film and don't call for help.

Be careful driving by or over something you think might be a Holloween prop.
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After another break, mainly from unsuitable weather, I have managed to get out and fly a few times. Here is a short video from a recent session with a light wind, impressive clouds and a flying wing that is tricky to launch but flies beautifully once it gets going.

Wings again (5 min 55 sec)

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All -

My 1936 Mighty Midget was obtained some years ago from a friend's estate. The ignition timer was added from a parts engine in very poor condition.
The Ad is scanned from my issue of Model Airplane News September 1936 , showing the early Bunch mighty Midget kit engine, likely what mine was.

Best regards,

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More S.M.A.L.L. Salad:

Even MORE Fall S.M.A.L.L. Salad (5 min 7 sec)

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This is a neat little setup that shows instructor override with simple movement of stick. Control returns to student with release/re-center of sticks.
Radiomaster TX16s and WT-01 Wireless Trainer Setup with Quick Takeback (12 min 53 sec)

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A friend of mine Tony gave me a crashed Freewing Me 262 that was Heavily damaged in a crash. The wing and one nacelle were completely smashed and the spar was bent. Motor and electronics all survived. He couldn't bear to spend the money for the new wings so he gave the hulk to me. Thanks Buddy!!! The fuselage was broken in three place or should I say thirds. Tony hand done a good job of gluing it back together, but the nose was missing a huge piece which wasn't in the body bag of parts so I filled it in and shaped it. I also ordered a new wing an nacelle set. There isn't anything unusual about my rebuild as hundred of pilots do this all the time, but I wanted to document it here maybe to inspire that it isn't that hard to fix foam planes even if your missing a piece.
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I was one for two yesterday...the Kombat flew great...the Plank, not so much...wing is in three pieces..whatever I did wrong, it was serious..she was's the video of the Kombat III EDF

Kombat III Music (3 min 32 sec)

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After an unfortunate toe injury, the decision was made to install a very bright, removable light to try to improve the visibility of the path. A 60W LED bulb was converted to 8.2V 200mA. Then a heat resistant mount was printed out of PETG. The prolific jump in zip tie prices has led to string.

It was hard to make any conclusions in a parking lot. That was the last of the dry weather for 36 hours. The mane problem is without a reflector, it's very diffuse.
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So this is Barrett Hochhaus' absolutely HUGE, completely scratch built Me 323 Gigant recently at St. George Utah !
Messerschmitt Me 323 Gigant ("Giant") by Barrett Hochhaus - Scale Flight Demo at St. George Utah (14 min 40 sec)

This is a RARELY modeled aircraft, of which only a little over 200 were ever built full scale. This plane truly exemplifies the title "gentle giant" and is a credit to the imagination and skill of Barrett

Enjoy the history and scale flight demo !

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Pitts 850 mm WS upper wing bash - Movie (2 min 31 sec)

Eflite Pitts 850 mm upper wing , picked up from the trash bin.

Fuselage made from two bamboo skewers and a fiberglass tube. Homemade tail group.

Motor: Turnigy Propdrive 28-26, Kv=1200 rpm/V.

Battery LiPo 3S 1100 mAh 45C. Folding propeller 9.45" x 8" .

Static test : 16 A , 188 W , at full throttle.

Three 9 g servos (aileron and elevator).

Wing Area : 1.52 sq ft = 1408 sq cm

Flying weight : 489 g = 17.25 oz

Wing Loading : 11.4 oz/sq ft

CG location : 80 mm behind wing leading edge at the root.
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The last few steps are to get the front of the plane ready to go. Let's mount the exhaust stacks and cowling.

Install the Cowling & Exhaust - Phoenix Model 20cc 68" Mitsubishi Zero ARF (9 min 25 sec)

"The first engine upgrade came with the introduction of the A6M3 (Model 32). The new model utilized a Nakajima Sakae-21 engine. The Sakae-21 was also an air-cooled radial with 14 cylinders in a double row producing 1130hp at 2750rpm. The new engine also incorporated a two-speed supercharger for better high-altitude performance. The powerplant had a down-flow carburetor and a redesigned cowling to incorporate the air intake at the top/center of the engine cowling."
"The new engine was used on the Model 32, Model 22, and Model 52."
"Some slight changes were made to the engine after the A6M5 (Model 52) was introduced. The most noticeable visual difference was that individual exhaust pipes replaced the older grouped exhaust pipes on each side. This allowed additional thrust to be generated by the engine exhaust, but required a redesign of the cowl flaps and additional heat shielding for the fuselage."
D'Angina, James. "Powerplants." Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2016, pp. 17.
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This is a follow on from my previous blog entries regarding ground FPV using a 3 axis gimbal to stabilize the camera. The below pointers assume that the FPV gear is mounted to the chassis under the body shell, also consider that my vehicle is primarily for offroad use. To be honest I plan to try out a cage style body as the visibility off to the sides should be much better. However a few pointers regarding lexan bodyshells below.

The body shell style really impacts FPV view. Consider the shape of the hood, cab height, and the windshield position and angle. All play a really big part of the view available. Proline often has profile views of their body shells on the website which can be quite helpful in making a decision based on these factors. My preference is to have the camera centered left to right and as far toward the rear as possible without cutting my view off. For short course models the proline baja bug has proven to be quite good, primarily just the hood and front wheels are visible while driving. It feels smoother to have less of the car in view, the car will appear to be shaking around in the FPV view, as the camera is stabilized. The less of that thats visible the smoother it will feel. Primarily try to mount the camera so that the view at the top of the frame is just sky, ie not the roof of the car.

Keep side windows clear, cutout windscreen. The lexan/polycabonate is not finished well enough to provide a good view when left clear. Optionally...Continue Reading
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The WL Toys 104009 is recently released a 4WD RC monster truck. It is made by WL Toys, one of the lower cost RC Car manufacturers that tend to strike a good balance between performance and affordability. This particular car is stated as 1/10 scale but is about the size of a typical 1/12 scale, still big enough to perform off-road. In this review I'll cover what I like about this car and what I don't like so you can make a decision to see if it will suit you or not.