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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Apr 25, 2015 @ 04:44 PM | 4,283 Views
So, I have a crappy day at the field today. My GP Escapade is laid up for the time being due to a pancake landing I managed to excute. It was a gusty day again and as I was touching the rudder to straighten it out to land I must have had brain lock on the elevator. It was coming in at 45 deggrees to the runway and ideally I should have waited until just before touch down to straighten her out, i didn't. My flying skills were not up to the task with the huge rudder on this airplane. The result is the landing gear being ripped off the airframe and as a consequence rolling up under and damaging the wing. Easily repairable. I just seldom get in the mood to repair airplanes....

Then after that while flying my Tower Uproar, I did a slow fly by and while powering on to pull out, the engine flamed out. My only choice to make the runway was to turn immediately and do a downwind landing. It would have been fine if I had actually made it to the runway. The result was a broken prop, and my self esteem.

Fortunately, my grandson caught both on video.

Bad day at the field (0 min 12 sec)

Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Apr 22, 2015 @ 06:05 PM | 5,367 Views
Once again, this forum is the best!! For about the 3rd time I have posted looking for something and a great member comes through for me! This time I was looking for an ACE R/C 4-40 Bipe kit. Well it arrived today! I am so stoked that I had to share some pictures.

So a bit of history. I entered this hobby back in 1988 while stationed at Whiteman AFB in Knob Noster MO. The RC club I joined was from Central Missouri State University in nearby Warrensburg MO. Anyone that knows that area of MO knows that Higginsville MO, the former headquarters of ACE R/C, was located 20 miles due north of Warrensburg. So I flew with the folks at ACE several times and back in those day ACE also sponsored an annaul float fly that was always documented in RCM and MAN.

So in all of my time there I never purchased an ACE kit. Don't ask me why, because for the life of me I do not know the reason. Well I never thought I would actually get my hands on a piece of history like this, but I did.

This kits looks 100% complete and still has the plastic wrap around groupings of wood parts. The decal sheet may not be useable however. I tried to unroll it and the stickers started lifting off having been rolled for so many years. The ffront windshield is a bit dented up, but again, no big deal. One thing I did find missing is the aluminum landing gear. Easily replaced.

I unrolled the plans, rolled them the opposite direction, very carefully, and then pinned them to my wall to flatten out....Continue Reading
Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Apr 18, 2015 @ 05:09 PM | 4,806 Views
So I took the Astro Hog out to the field along with my 9 year old grandson. He was the videographer. I gave him a quick lesson on the camera and the difficulties in following an RC airplane in the air and off we went. He did quite well too. I had to do quite a few edits and only a small sample of what he shot was really useable but it still was pretty darn good. Next time I will bring out the tripod and let him use that. The videos should be much more stable.

The weather conditions were warm, partly cloudy and a pretty siff breeze with some gusts. The Hog flies very nice with or without the wind. It performs much better than the pilot. The Hog is sporting an Enya 60-4C, 13x6 MA propeller and Omega 10%.

If weather permits tomorrow we will go out and I have him shoot some videos of the Escapade and Uproar.

SIG Astro Hog (1 min 2 sec)

SIG Astro Hog 2 (1 min 18 sec)
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Posted by dmrcflyr2 | Apr 04, 2015 @ 04:54 PM | 5,670 Views
I have been primarily a kit builder the vast majority of my 27 years in the hobby. I have on several occassions purchased and flown ARF's. The quality of the ARF's available now is FAR superior to the first ones I bought back in the early 90's. Still I favor building my own airplanes because you have more options with regards to weight, wood selection, landing gear options etc. In the last month and a half I have built 1 kit, a SIG Astro Hog, and assembled 1 ARF, a Great Planes Escapade 61.

The SIG Astro Hog is a classic kit and flier and being an older design does not incorporate any laser cut parts. It is still an 'old school' build. While I was building this airplane I kept saying to myself, why is it designed like this, and why is this wood so heavy. The airplane is very solid and strong which means over engineered and heavy to me. Although I do not have a scale as yet I am unsure how much my Hog actually weighs, but I am sure it is close to the 7 - 7 1/2 lb stated weight. The specifications for it are:

Wingspan: 71"
Wing area: 824 sq in
Weight: 7 - 7 1/2lb
Wing loading: 21 oz/sq ft @7.5 lb
Engine range: 45-60 2 stroke/60-75 4 stroke (wheere did SIG come up with a 75 4 stroke size??)

I am powering my Hog with an Enya 60-4C engine and it provides excellent flight performance, in fact more engine is really just more added weight with less benefit IMO.

In contrast the ARF I assembled is the Great Planes Escapade 61. I think this airplane has been around...Continue Reading