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Posted by bill_delong | Jan 21, 2016 @ 10:01 AM | 21,127 Views
*** I am no longer managing this page, I have sold my Slash and choose to no longer support Traxxas

This is arguably the car that made the SCT class popular when it was first introduced in 2008:

Although the 2WD SCT Class has evolved significantly with far superior designs using modern technology from dozens of manufactures across the globe, there is still a relatively strong cultural following for those dedicated specifically to the "Spec Slash Class" and that's what this thread will be dedicated to supporting in regards to the rules observed by my local race track:!specslash/c16to

Here we are, nearly 8 years later (at the time of this writing) and there is still a strong interest in offering a "gateway class" to merge novice in with intermediate (sportsman) drivers. I will expand on the information shared in the following link which I feel is an excellent starting point in preparing a Slash for the race track:*** I'm far from the best driver in my area, but every now and then I have a particularly good race day and have had really good results with this setup

Additional Tuning Tips:
  • Apply comm drops on motor break in and when needed to keep comm clean, this will help keep your commutator clean and soften your brushes to help
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Posted by bill_delong | Jan 12, 2016 @ 08:59 AM | 19,576 Views
All quoted prices below include free shipping from China, most of my orders from Banggood typically arrive in 1-2 weeks, there are other distributors for SkyRC products but this is the least expensive distributor that I am currently aware of as I write this post:

$80 - 150A ESC (2-6S) + TurboTiming - USER MANUAL
$68 - 120A ESC (2-3S) + TurboTiming/Boost) - USER MANUAL
$35 - 50A ESC (2S) + Blinky Only - USER MANUAL
$29 - Wifi Programming Module - Replaces Blue Tooth Programmer
$17 - Programming Box
$9 - USB Programming Adapter (PC Required)

Normally I would review a single product, but in this case, I feel that it makes more sense for folks to see all the different options available which is why I posted so many links above so that folks can pick and choose what makes the most sense for their needs.

For example, if someone wanted to race a 1/10 class which requires a Blinky ESC, then they should consider the 50A ESC, and take special note that ESC has no advanced programming features available because it is permanently locked in "Blinky Mode". The Bluetooth module doesn't appear to be compatible, but the Programming Box and USB Link are listed in the manual.

If someone wanted to run in an open modified 1/10 class, then they should consider the 120A ESC which offers Timing and Boost, but you will be required to purchase one of the 3 different programming tools. There is no way to get the ESC to enter into "programming mode&...Continue Reading