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Posted by Smokin' Beaver | May 07, 2017 @ 04:28 AM | 7,029 Views
I had a hiatus from modelling for a few reasons,
1) Moved to a smaller house that had no modelling room (but the attic is under construction )
2) My wifes health took a knock but is back on track a year later
3) I have been busy building a website for my passion - Virtual Tours of museums, of course aviation ones to start with.

My website is .
For education firstly but also to anyone who cares to pay a just a few bucks and take a look.
It's like Google Street View but with mountains of detail in narratives and images. If you can read it at the museum - you can read it at the Vuseum
Just click on an 'info' icon and have a read.

We also go inside the exhibits if they are big enough and get 360 degree images for you.
Like the snapshots below - lots of sharp edges inside that old B-25 so the public have no access into it.
The A6M2 - well that one is a confirmed participant of the Pearl Harbor raid.
It was shot down over Darwin, Australia 10 weeks later by ground fire - a .303 to the oil tank. You can see the bullet hole and the ruptured oil tank - the so-called 'smoking gun' is there to be seen.

But the best part? We donate part proceeds of every sale back to the museum - this is a world first.
We capitalise E-tourism to financially support our museum partners.

With that on the go now - I plan to pull out my Guillow's SBD and get it going over the next year or so...

Posted by Smokin' Beaver | Feb 08, 2009 @ 08:08 PM | 13,265 Views
I'm re-vamping an old deleted thread because it's at the top of my blog and that's irritating me so I'll use it for current stuff.
I haven't learnt how to delete blog threads forever so I'll re-cycle it.

Latest build is a B-29 from Guillow's.
Long removed from production, it's another one of those models never intended to fly but hang/sit and admire.
Stuff that...
I can't resist the temptation to see if it can be done.
I reckon it can so I'll give it a bash.
The thread is here;
Posted by Smokin' Beaver | Aug 29, 2006 @ 09:14 AM | 21,173 Views
Airworthy units only stored here for posterity.
Didn't realize so many don't have pics. will fix that.
Also in fleet,
GWS BN-2______________Awaiting construction
GWS Corsair____________Pylon Racer (Retired but still airworthy)
GWS P-38______________Pylon Racer
GWS C-47______________Converted to He111
GWS A6M2_____________Pylon Racer
GWS Spitfire____________Wrecked, awaiting rebuild
GWS Me 109____________Airworthy
GWS Piper Cub #1_______de-commissioned
GWS DH Beaver_________Airworthy
GWS E-Starter__________Airworthy
GWS Pico T-Moth________Airworthy
GWS Me 262____________Airworthy
Ca-12 Boomerang________Airworthy (HiMark1200 B/L)
2m balsa Glider_______________Decommissioned
1.8m Multilpex glider______ FPV
SIG P51D .60 size kit_____future build (maybe) was a gift from an ex-r/c'er
High Boy coverted to B/L _Airworthy
Warbirdkits Yak 9 _________________Airworthy (BP2408-21)
Guillow's Junkers Ju 87___________**Wrecked** (DIY B/L)
Scratchbuilt Junkers Ju 88 __________Airworthy (2x DIY B/L)
Phoenix Parkjet_________wreck
Twister Bell 47_________wreck
Warbirdkits Macchi Mc200 Saetta______sp400 + G/box
Guillow's Boeing B-17_______4 x GWS EM350 ...Continue Reading

Why THAT name?

Posted by Smokin' Beaver | Aug 23, 2006 @ 09:51 AM | 19,359 Views
Smokin' Beaver???...what the??!!
How/Why did I come up with that?
Well in Australia it does not imply the same thing as the USA.
Actually, when I first found E-zone, I was flying my GWS DeHavilland Beaver & dabbling with a pyrotechnic smoke system on it.
So it seemed like a good idea at the time
...wish I had a dollar for every raised eyebrow though...