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Posted by solentlife | Dec 31, 2014 @ 08:41 AM | 77,276 Views
So I get home from Crimea and I end up with a few presents to myself for such work .... I buy a 2nd hand Extreme Flight Extra 58" 300 .. and a Kyosho Pitts S2c .... now they are fun and fly well ... Extra needs a better engine than the weak OS 70FL though, (An ASP 91FS is on its way !).
The Pitts is just brilliant - well powered, balanced out nice with the Irvine 53 2str.

Friend and I decided to take a 9hr drive to Warsaw ... visit a hobby shop ! Yep - we are that mad... Friend left with nothing - I left with an EPP Profile Zlin 50 - to practice my 3D on ...

3D ? Well after 45 odd yrs of general RC flying - I've finally decided that it's time to try out this 3D lark. The Extra 300 with the coming suitable power plant is well capable - so the Zlin EPP job is so I can practice without having to risk my Extra ..

I have also as a birthday present (I have b/day Jan 02), decided to treat myself to a Yak 55 ... this is not so much a 3D machine - but has potential ... I have always liked the look of the Su's and Yak's - so different with their tubular style fuselages.

So wish me luck on the new highway !!

Now onto a pet annoyance I find ... self-opinionated experts who think they help newbies but all they do is trot out formulae, technical bumf that really is not useful to the poor guy who wants a simple answer. Yes - I get it in the neck when I fire back at them trying to help the poor newbie ... that's my cross to bear. But maybe one day these 'experts'...Continue Reading