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Posted by solentlife | Jun 18, 2013 @ 02:14 PM | 32,136 Views
I'm getting a little disillusioned at times with the bias and kicks introduced into some posts ... OK - I'm no golden boy and I dish out fair share, but basically in retaliation to some silly remark passed at me.

Being older - I suppose I can shrug .. make a reply .. then walk away not really fussed about it. That's true and what I do. But I think about the others who read the exchange. The people who are looking for answers, tips, camaraderie ...

It will happen of course with such a large forum membership, law of numbers means that there will be clashes whatever the rules.

Why I post this ? Maybe it's a plea to others and myself to cool it .. take forum life as artificial and often misread ...

Good airs to all ... and ignore this old fart !!

Posted by solentlife | Jun 13, 2013 @ 09:12 AM | 32,007 Views
One of the aspects of RC modelling I like, is that we can try out all different types of models and designs.
I'm not a fan of profile planes, but some are not fans of what I like ... it's a mixed world.
Recently I have rebuilt a classic from the 1980's - a Biplane that was designed specifically for a RC company to display it's products. This I will refine, tune till it performs just the way I want ... hopefully others enjoying the spectacle of it's flights.

Need for Speed has literally ground to a minimum since demise of the Parkjet ... people holding on to their last airframes. The hunt for replacement continues.

Pushers seem to be steadily increasing in popularity judging by posts ... and EDF's are getting better all the time, with so much work done by RC'rs and then posted up on forums.

It's good to see that new faces - especially young are entering this hobby, I think that costs based on Chinese production and foam is big reason for this. It's also nice to read of oldies returning to the hobby ... like I did !

Me ? itching to see what is next !!