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Compiled and uploaded ..
61 pages of Covid Boredom busting reading !

@ hip pocket
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Unleash Whoop FC to Airplane (0 min 18 sec)

  I tried to connect 2 servos to Whoop FC, Crazybee F3 FR, which I happened have as an FC
for UR65 Frsky Version. I know there are other newer and better Whoop FCs, but I used this
as I happened to have.

〇Where should I connect servos?
My version of Craybee F3 FR has pads for TX3, RX3 which I don't use. TX3 and RX3 are connected to
PB10 and PB11 of the MCU, respectively. To use servos, they have to be assigned to timer output
ports. Fortunately they can be assigned to TIM2_CH3(AF1) and TIM2_CH4(AF1). Problem was that
Motor3 and Motor4 which are conneted to PA3 and PA2 were also assigned to TIM2_CH4 and TIM2_CH3
in default. So I reassigned them to TIM15_CH2(AF9) and TIM15_CH1(AF9). If I were able to use cli timer
command, those setting would be:

resource servo 1 B10
resource servo 2 B11
timer A03 AF9
timer A02 AF9
timer B10 AF1
timer B11 AF1

But unfortunately Betaflight doesn't support timer command for old F3 target. So I modified target.c
and target.h in source code of Betaflight 3.5.1 to change those timer settings.



...Continue Reading
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This evening, I did a peak amp draw using my Wattage Amp meter designed for this task. For the stock version of the Alpha 2M RTF sold by SoaringUSA, the peak amperage at max throttle was 12 amps with installed prop, spinner, and ESC powered by a Tattu 2s 650 mAH 75C battery. Lots of good options for lightweight ESCs with onboard BEC. Later, I'll make this upgrade to get rid of that tail weight. This should allow me to push the CG even further back without adding any weight when the time comes. But for now, I have other RC stuff to work on. Also, the new 3mm x 3 set screw fits snug and tight. The motor sounds and feels healthy again.

The rubber band that came with the RTF model was replaced with "1 mm White Elastic Cord for Jewelry Making". Although the solution looks unsophisticated, (what, no electronic braking?), I am thinking about installing this on my Supra and setting the brake completely off, I believe this method is to save battery which would normally "hold" the prop in place. The bigger the prop, the more power is needed to BRAKE and stop the prop from wind milling during non-powered gliding, In good thermal conditions, this could be a significantly long time! This process is powered by your battery. With such small batteries nowadays, conservation efforts go a long way. A simple elastic band, ingenious.
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DJI FPV Update - New Encrypted Air Unit ? Blocking Competitors but No New Features !!!

New DJI FPV Update - New Encrypted Air Unit ? Blocking Competitors but No New Features !!! (13 min 21 sec)

Today we have seen the release of firmware version V01.00.06.06 for the DJI FPV Air Unit, FPV Remote and the Air Unit Lite also known as the CaddX Vista.

This update has only one change listed that is
“Added support for new Air Unit (Lite) hardware”

While it is not known for sure at this time what this new HW is it’s strongly believed based on comments from CaddX in the past and the new Polar Starlight camera that this is going to be new Air Unit models with onboard camera encryption to prevent use of unlicensed 3rd party cameras such as the Runcam MIPI.

While it’s understandable DJI and CaddX would want to protect their licence agreement it’s disappointing that users will potentially be affected by this moving forward with new air units and possible issues with both 3rd party cameras as well as other lower official models previously sold and released.

What’s more concerning for users of the DJI Digital FPV System is that new features and bug fixes seem to have come to stop yet a new hardware revision and firmware can be developed to block competition in sort order.

While there have been a number major issues fixed with the V2 Goggles over the last month or so there remains a number of features missing and bugs in the system that have not been addressed....Continue Reading
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Looking for a motor template for a Hanger 9 cap 232 Alitalia. Which both recommended engine are no longer available. So i hope someone can help on this problem
Posted by Sherlock | Yesterday @ 01:36 PM | 2,650 Views
I’m still have to do more research but this Colt Navy was possibly the side arm of a relative in the Civil War. It is is rough shape and missing some parts, mostly screws. I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Leave it as is, get it cleaned up and replace some parts to get it whole. The serial number is so old that Colt did not have any information on it.
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Halloa (FPV) people

in the last year we have seen a new brand pop up.. And Dave C's Rekon brand is for now very much specialized in Long Range / Endurance / Lightweight FPV drones.. The first Rekon quad I ordered was the Rekon 5 which I Very much like! (might do a review of it)..

And now.. now we have this 1S 18650 contraption! If nothing else, it is an interesting proof of concept.. And proof it is cause is Does fly...
Does it fly well? I think that depends on what you want, and what you were expecting

Link to it: RekonFPV Rekon 3 1S copter (at Banggood)

Sooooo here are my thoughts on it, and not unimportantly: my tune for it

RekonFPV Rekon 3 - 1S 18650 Lion FPV Cruiser - REVIEW + TUNE ! (22 min 10 sec)

type: FPV Cruiser / Endurance quad
material(s): CF arms + plastick body
dry weight: 62 grams
flight controller: HGLRC Zeus5 AIO
firmware version: Betaflight 4.2.0
motors: Rekon 1202.5 11600 Kv
propellors: Gemfan 3018 2-blade
FPV camera: Caddx Nano Ant
VTX: Zeus Nano 350 mW
GPS: nope
Lipo: 1S 18650 (not included)
OSD: yep, by Betaflight
smart Audio: yep.. set up correctly
buzzer: nope
LED's: nope
spare props: yes 1 extra set of props
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

DEERC D10 review. In this DEERC D10 Foldable Drone with wifi FPV 1080p HD Camera review, I include unboxing, functions, features, app, calibration, flight & duration tests.

You can get this DEERC D10 Foldable Drone with Camera for Adults 1080P HD FPV Live Video, Tap Fly, Gesture Control, Selfie, Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, RC Quadcopter for Beginners with 2 Batteries and Carrying Case here:

DEERC D10 review - Fun Foldable Drone with WiFi FPV 1080p Camera (27 min 22 sec)

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I love my Moonbeam McSwine - it flies really well and has talken a real pounding - it was my main transition plane from helicopters to planes and has the scars to prove it. One of the areas that has suffered most from poor (belly) landings is the motor shaft - I bent it very early on and was concerned that my plane was dead. Fortunately I found a forum post explaining that some people had used M3 hex bolts as motor shafts, so I thought I'd try that - here is a quick explanation how...

Start by removing the motor from the plane, this is the grub screw that holds the motor into it's mount

Pull the motor out forwards - it may take some wiggling and make sure that the grub screw is fully loose to give enough clearance for the motor to slide out

Then remove this grub screw and the one opposite it - they may be tough to get started as they were held in (on my motor) with some very resolute thread lock, a little heat (I a soldering iron held on the grub screw) is really helpful for melting the threadlock - about 20-30 seconds usually works. I good quality "fresh" hex driver really helps.

Once you have removed the grub screws holding the motor shaft (best to remove them completely) you can remove the shaft, in this picture you can see the "shoulder" that I put in the socket (i.e. from a socket set that you might use to mend your car) - that's what we call them here anyway. You can also see one of the two grub screws on the motor "bell...Continue Reading
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More to come.....
6s 5000/ HW125 esc with reverse thrust/15X7 prop/retracts/digital servos
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As more of an traditional RC flyer flying my planes and helis i got interested in the mini 2 last year when it comes out and bought one. After making a few videos it layed around in the winter and a friend of mine was interested and bought it from me. But as the temperatures get warmer and the weather better it more and more got thinking: Wow now it would be cool to fly a little around with that drone and make a little video. So i bought it again... and i think now it can stay. Made 2 vids since i have it again. One on vacation in croatia and one at my local flying field chasing the air 2 from a friend of mine... was a lot of fun

Mavic Air 2 followed by Mini 2 (0 min 49 sec)

DJI Mini 2 in Croatia (3 min 27 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Hello Everyone ,

if you are interested in ZEEE lipo battery ,please feel free to contact me

our ZEEE 4s 100c 9000mah is the best battery for Traxxas X-Maxx 8S ,if you are interested , please click the link below and order

best regards
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There was a time i flew off the dunes at cape san blas in gulf county florida. 29°41'28.17"N, 85°22'27.07"W...hurricanes and overly-concerned citizens have limited this. where do you slope soar...back in the 70's there was a popular site inland laguna beach, ca, kite hill i think it was. 20 years ago i found an amazing place that was difficult to access, up a mountain near caryville tn. actually found it here on a blog...36.2925849,-84.2557398
Posted by unboxingexp | Jul 26, 2021 @ 12:48 PM | 6,524 Views
Here is my take on a homemade 4s 18650 battery pack for FPV. I decided to spot weld the cells to make the pack more robust. Moreover, I went for a 3d printed TPU mount to hold the batteries in place.
DIY 4s 18650 battery for FPV (3 min 54 sec)

Posted by mechmove | Jul 26, 2021 @ 10:38 AM | 7,137 Views
Last week, I picked up my latest build for this summer, a 4 meter electric Pulsar from Soaring USA. The build quality of these models are second to none. I hope I am able to do a proper radio installation. Although the receipt shows a 4 meter compact, I decided on the 3 piece wing. I plan on using the onboard 5 amp BEC for the receiver and 5 servos. The pod is ultra slick and roomy, which should facilitate final stages of installation. The tail boom is so light, its non existent, like holding nothing in your hands! I do feel at least one of these gliders should be in a museum of modern art. They deserve recognition beyond its purpose of being an RC "flying machine".
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC F11 4K Pro review. A short video clip in 4K with 3840x2160p resolution.

#globalrc #newdrones #dronereview #drone #drones #bestdronereviews #fpv #fpvlife #dronestagram #rcworld #rccommunity #rchobby #uav #dronefans #quadaddiction #radiocontrol #dronecatalog

SJRC F11 4K Pro - 4K 3840x2160 Video Clip with Zoom In (5 min 0 sec)

Posted by Caffeine | Jul 26, 2021 @ 12:49 AM | 10,577 Views
Hi All,

There's been a bit of stagnation in TTSAutomate development lately. The tool is stable and functionally complete so there hasn't been a driver to create a new version for a while.

Some recent events have brought about some questions on the future of the tool;
  • Google has changed their mechanism that I used to do the TTS. I could update the tool again but it's really chasing a moving target. At this stage Google TTS voices don't work with TTSAutomate, and will not again unless I make a change to the tool.
  • The hosting that I use for the TTSAutomate website got discontinued, and the cost to continue hosting at the new owners was around 3x the contributions I've received in the lifetime of TTSAutomate, so it was going to cost more than it was worth to continue with that setup, let alone the TTS engine usage charges.
As a result, I've taken on hosting myself, and I'm considering my options regarding updating / reworking the tool.

If you have an interest in the future of TTSAutomate, could you please give me your feedback using the facility on

You're the majority of customers I have for the tool, so I'd like to make sure that any change I make is heading in the right direction.

Thanks all!
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This is a new BNF Aeroscout S 2 1.1M BNF BASIC from the Brandon Fl Hobby store for $149,99. After unboxing I used a 3S1300 SMART lipo to Bind my NX8 to the model. After confirming SAFE could be turned on and off I taxied her on the street to check tracking and she tracked great.

This Scout will be a club trainer using my NX8 TX on wireless training for other pilots that have the NX6 or DX transmitters.

Since most pilots do not want to remove the wings I glued the bind plug to the side of the fuselage to make it easier to bind. Yes you can use the included bind cable after removing the canopy but I prefer the side mount. Its easy to leave the bind plug installed and fly off then crash when someone in the pits binds their model. I tie a string or colored tape to the bind plug so I can see it hanging from the side of the fuselage. It’s easy to see when taxiing for take off. I sand the black plastic connector and use just a toothpick of CA on the plastic to secure it to the foam.

I make a lanyard for the canopy as eventually it will depart the fuselage and you will have to make or buy a new one.

I use an old credit card cut down and sanded to act as a guard to protect the elevator and rudder servos.

The black velcro can be made easier to use if a colored string is glued or tied to the end of one strap.

The stock tires and wheels are nice for rough terrain. However the center of mass is high and eventually the Scout will end up...Continue Reading
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Continuum V5 joined wing canard glider V5 maiden flight with Mike Frandsen piloting (6 min 2 sec)

At Torrey Pines Fun Fly 2021...

Continuum V5 joined wing canard glider V5 maiden flight with Mike Frandsen piloting

Q-"Continuum V.5" Maiden Flight with Mike Frandsen.

The Q- "Continuum" V.5 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider, as flown by Mike Frandsen.

Mike being interested in the "front-wheel drive" characteristics, stability, and response, seen here putting the glider to the test.

Featuring a laid up Kevlar-Carbon fiber-fiberglass fuselage from a mold of a 3d printed plug based on the original basswood plug.

New modified, bagged main and canard wings, with Kevlar living-hinges for control surfaces. 3D printed wing joiners, canard mount , and wing inserts of carbon infused PETG. Carbon tube wing rods and premium 3D printed PETG canopy, and "endlets", as we call them.

The Original Q- "Continuum"- V.5 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider maiden video.

There's nothing like having a premier pilot taking a design to it's limits.
Thanks Mike...