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Posted by Pompecukor | May 08, 2016 @ 04:57 AM | 46,861 Views

!World Wide Shipping!

Hi all,
I decided to use my RCGroups blog to showing this information as a confidence booster. In other words:
  1. This is an open community, that I am a well know part of. So you can ask around if you need
  2. If I don't deliver or can't be trusted then you will surely hear about it.
  3. I have some trader rating here.
Be sure to checkout the comments section below for pictures and review from my customerss.
Below is the price list that I made for the packs. You can usa Paypal. Please make all payments in USD (Not Euro or GBP). If you have other currency, then paypal will convert it for you. You can select that in paypal menu.

All packs are fully tested before shipping.
If you are here you probably already know the two main advantages of li-ion over lipos:
a.) Unbeatable weight to capacity ration. I think about 25-33% lighter than Lipo of the same capacity.
b.) Will last 3-4x longer than lipo, due to much higher (re)charge cycle. The Sanyo GA cells that I use will still deliver 80% of their rated capacity after 300 charge cycles.
Just think of it... How much do you fly in one year.
These will last you many many years, while a Lipo you can practically stop using fully after one season.
On the flip side, these packs are rated 3C for constant discharge and 4C for max. So they are more suited for big/long range fixed winds or heavy lifting multi-rotors. Not ideal for smaller quad copters and fast/small/jet type fixed wings.

I custom build them all with my own...Continue Reading