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Posted by GFBurke | Oct 05, 2007 @ 12:14 PM | 29,086 Views
This was my life before I was bit by RC.

My "online friends".
Linear (boy can paint with a rattle can like non-other)
Bill Owen (one of his video's below)
one of Bills video
Yoshi (he got busy too, wife, baby etc)

We all kinda hung together and threw ideas to each other.

(btw, Yoshi has a Trex 450)

With my work, I ended up in a NewYorkTimes interview. Sold some things, but really did it for the fun of it.
Yoshi did some of my tips/tricks on air, which was cool.

Anyways, I have not done any PC modding for some time. That market isn't as popular as it had been - mostly due to it becoming "main stream". Also, we had to do something for a few years to upgrade our PC's because there was not really any significant updates to PC power for a while.

I still have lots of rheostats and turbine fans sitting around..
(just one of my mods)


Before PC's, I was a motor head. Built up mustang's , drag race, SCCA, etc. Got some trophies. But the idea of beefing up and tricking out cars almost translated some how into PC's.

Never attended college, my thought on college is.. well, I'll keep that to myself. However my hobbies has always landed me a well paying job that I enjoyed doing and still does today.

(My spelling and grammar suck probably because of the college thing, but I'll manage. )