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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Helping hands soldering station review. This Slidable Helping Hands Soldering Station Tool has 4 Flexible Universal Arms, 4 Pillars, Movable Tray, Heat Resistant Covers & 360 Degree Swivelling Clips.

You can get this here now:

Helping Hands Soldering Station Tool review (9 min 22 sec)

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I know am a new member in RCgroups. Am here to buy and sell items following the rules established by the forum.
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Supertiger Carb
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We are happy to announce the first public beta version of the upcoming Wing Helper 1.5.0! Our Alpha Test Team already did a great job in making sure that this version is working correctly. In this beta test phase, we are looking forward to finding - with your help - and fixing the last remaining bugs and issues before the final 1.5.0 is released.

You can find the official announcement, with screenshots and download links, directly on the Wing Helper web page.

Here is the list of the most important additions and changes implemented in this version:
  • HOT: NC export (G-Code for 4-axis CNC foam cutters) - GFK and CFK wings, we are coming!
  • HOT: Automatic generation of ailerons extended (new spar type "K-Form")
  • HOT: Creation of half-ribs
  • HOT: "Use as LE" for round and cuboid spars implemented (automatic cut into the rib)
  • Round spar: option "Separate radius (end)" added
  • New type of trailing edge: "Standard (Height)"
  • Trailing edge "Standard (Depth)": different depths at the beginning and at the end implemented
  • Cuboid spars: separate width and height at the end of the spar implemented
  • Option for parallel projection added
  • Option added to invert the mouse wheel
  • Rib table now also showing the rib lengths
  • "Don't apply lightening holes to a rib" implemented (right-click into the rib table)
  • Round and Cuboid spars: "Follow LE" changed to "Follow curvature", allowing you to also define spars which
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G'day folks,
It has been quite a while since I posted anything here.
My job as a Crewman on Black Hawks has come to an end.
To stay gainfully employed, I've had to move 1300km away to a town in NSW called Nowra.
Nowra itself is just a regional town on the NSW South Coast, but, the surrounding area is just stunning.
I have joined the local club, and done more flying in the last 6 months than I can ever recall doing.
My tastes have also changed a little.
I now have a beautiful, 2.2m wing span, Mono Coupe. Just lovely to fly.
I have also just purchased a second hand Pattern Flyer, at 2m long with a wing span of 1.88m.
Plan is to improve my overall skills whilst competing. I don't expect to rock the Pattern world at all, but I do expect to have fun, and improve my skills.
That's it for now, Merry Christmas everyone.
Peace, Family and Flying....Continue Reading
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I didn't know i can be addicted too this geek,i'm involved with flying and rc plane for entire year now,find me on the sky happier)))
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Was able to meet up with two of my flying RC buddies over at the East Coast of Central Florida over at a park field North of Titusville, Florida and what a show Mark S. (Marked) gave us all this morning (Saturday, 12-08-2018).

Mark's EPP MXS-C 32-inch 3D Airplane 12-08-2018 (1 min 38 sec)

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Glue & Fly Series - Reverse Split-S Maneuver Session #1 in the F-22 Mini V2

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I'm pretty comfortable performing Rolls, Loops, and Split-S Maneuvers, so now it's time to learn a new Trick ;-)
In this Flying Session I'm practicing Reverse Split-S Maneuvers and will hopefully become proficient at it in the next few flights ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

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Hey guys and gals, just thought i would remind y'all to give your buyers and sellers iTrader ratings

I noticed 3 people in my inbox i did business with, who I had not yet given ratings to so i fixed that

Good day and Merry Christmas!
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As the developers of OpenTX do not always have time to fix BUGS, I opened this thread to inform people about which bugs are in which version.

This in order to prevent hours and hours of breaking your head on why something doesn't work as expected.

feel free to add.
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❇️ New item in MyRCMart - RunCam Racer CMOS 700TVL Super WDR OSD 4:3 Micro Racing Drone FPV Camera
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I first saw this conversion on justwingit’s YouTube channel while he was covering Collin Harrington’s bird

E-flite Carbon-Z Cessna 150 2.1m - Colin Harrington's TEXAS TAIL-DRAGGER! SEFF 2018 (8 min 24 sec)

I knew I had to convert mine as soon as I saw it. I began researching the conversion I’d seen and found that the parts used in the video were very expensive. PR Bush wheels provided the main and tail wheel for his conversion (extremely high quality but very expensive), while the leading edge slats came from flex innovations and are used on their Cessna 170.

I was able to source my main wheels from Dubro ($28 on Amazon), and the tail wheel is a generic assembly from amazon for 30cc gas airplanes ($18 on Amazon). The leading edge slats from Flex innovations were $24.99 plus shipping.

I had to do a little exploratory surgery on the bottom of the aircraft while slicing it open to move the gear forward. Wasn’t too difficult after I committed to making the first slices in the fuselage. I built a light ply box to mount the main gear to in its new forward position, and used another piece cut into the tail to mount the new tail assembly on. Epoxy was used in both cases for strength.

The end result in my opinion is a much more capable aircraft that flys like a giant Timber. It does all the fun STOL stuff and is still fully aerobatic. There is a little coupling that occurs in a knife edge now as a result of the giant Dubro wheels but I’m good with it. The added weight doesn’t seem to have made a bit of difference either. If you like the Timber and you have the Carbon-Z Cessna... I highly recommend the mod!
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10.1 13.10.2018

After a long break, a new test. When studying all previous flights, it was concluded that the undulating change in flight speed and altitude, the instability of the retention of these parameters is associated with an unrecorded factor . This is the acceleration and deceleration of the aircraft, and the effect of this parameter on the holding of pitch. Indeed, it is easy to calculate that when the aircraft accelerates along the runway, it picks up speed of 50 km / h in 3 seconds, which corresponds to an acceleration of up to 0.5G, which means that this should be taken into account . The smallest effect of this was seen in picture. But even there, the height of the aircraft was typed “steps”. When the climb begins, the speed drops, while the autopilot has false data that it’s as if the plane is dropping its nose, trying to compensate for it, gaining altitude even more, and again losing speed. When the speed finally stabilizes, the plane begins to level off in pitch, and at the same time the speed increases, since there is no climb. And then a deceiving autopilot component appears, as if the plane is flying with a positive large pitch, and the autopilot compensates for it, thus preventing height gaining, and thus, it leads to even greater acceleration. This is how positive feedback arises, which ruined the plane in the past. To begin with, half of the exact settlement was compensated. Acceleration for compensation is calculated by...Continue Reading
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My video review and test of JJRC X7 Smart GPS.
- easy to control and fly
- video trasmission without lag
- RTH (return to home) to fly safely
- small enough to be transported comfortably
- tiltable cam
- long time flight

- poor video quality
- shaky video
- no gimbal

you can find more info here

And you can see my complete video review here
Il tuo primo drone da ripresa: JJRC X7 SMART (31 min 11 sec)

next step: to check the waypoint flight
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8. Thrust measurement and aligning.

So, we change the motor to brushless. In picture this is it already made up. But now, when it became necessary to replace the engine, it was time to discuss and share the know-how of calculating the centering and its changes when equipping the aircraft. In the folder of the chapter you can find the pictures as weighed. The weight of the original aircraft turned out to be 750 g, (according to the documentation of 650 g) the weight of the aircraft with autopilot is 840 g, the weight of the autopilot itself is 160 g. It is also interesting to know the thrust-weight of the aircraft. Traction motor EMAX 2812, depending on the type of screw presented in the next picture.

Name: Trust.png
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Size: 304.6 KB
Description: The thrust measuremet.

When replacing the motor, I decided to figure out how to calculate the centering. The next picture presents the layout of the aircraft.

Name: DragonSchem.png
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Size: 137.3 KB
Description: Wing Gragon Sportster aligning

Suppose that initially the plane is correctly centered, and has Cmac(middle aerodynamic chord) = 25%, then by adding a load of mass G at a distance l from the center of the wing (mac) we get a new value of centering Сnew,%.
Cnew = G * x * 100 / (G + G0) * Bmac, where:
G is the weight of the new load, g
G0 is the initial weight of the aircraft, g
Bmac, cm - the length of the average aerodynamic chord;
x = l - S = l - ((50-C0) / 100) * Bmac, where
l, cm - the distance of the new cargo from the center of the wing (mac);
S, cm - the distance from the center of the wing to the center of gravity;
C0,% - initial...Continue Reading
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7.10 21.10.2017

Unsuccessful flight. It was already cold. There are no videos. Takeoff is normal, further, as in flight 08.26.2017 - rising magnitude of oscillation, then the first time the plane crashed, just crashing into the ground. I had cannot control of the plane because distance was too big. Motor was lost. It burned off. The graph is shown in picture. Someone just changed the algorithm for holding the speed again and increased the gain in the pitch channel (because the altitude task was not fulfilled in the previous flight). As seems of the graph, the plane had entering the ground at a speed of 10 m / s (36km / h). And the accelerometer mockingly noted a huge negative pitch on 49 second. What ideas can be, after replacing the engine - remember how to fly on a piston aircraft, and how to control the speed.

Name: Dragon_21102017.png
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Size: 73.9 KB
Description: 49 seconds before the crash

Conclusions about the causes of the crash:
• too much pitch gain
• center alignment too front, because the battery has become heavier
• An error was found in the motor control formula.
• Motor control gain too high
• programmatic reduction of the required speed upon reaching point 1
Of course, real programmer will immediately see an error. It is childish. But for an example we will see it. At an each step of the program, the throttle value is corrected. The error is this: (in a real program, the code was slightly different, this is just an example)

if (speed_error> 10) throtthle- = 10;
else if (speed_error> 2) throtthle- = 1;
else if (...Continue Reading
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TOP 5 Best Drones with Camera UNDER 100 $ (7 min 17 sec)

This chart is about the TOP 5 Best Drones with Camera UNDER 100 $ that you will find available now and also available on 2019.

TOP 5 Best Drones with Camera UNDER 100 $

#5 – SG700 drone:
#4 – VISUO XS809S drone:
#3 – Le-IDEA 7 drone:
#2 – HUBSAN H216A drone:
#1 – VISUO XS812 drone: