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Posted by marecisko | Nov 12, 2017 @ 05:15 PM | 3,510 Views
I made decision to help my friend to build new seaplane.

He choose Be-200. I am also fun in seaplane especially Dornier Do 26.

But I have joined to this project because I like so much 3D technology like software (Rhinoceros) and hardware (3D cnc).

I was not able to make desicion where place this information in forums:

I made decisioned to do in blog.

I have collect some documentation on internet. For this seaplane exists a lot.
Unfortunatelly as always not very well accurate.

Now I am in phase to prepare some documentation as input to 3D CNC.
Fuselage will be from foam and wing classic balsa construction.
Wingspan of model is planed for 2400 mm due to size of turbine 90 mm....Continue Reading