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Posted by old4570 | Sep 09, 2021 @ 11:17 PM | 13,463 Views
Anyone tried to check out Gearbest ...

Every addy seems to be returning an invalid response ..

Is Gearbest gone ?

Read some stuff , that GB was recently going quiet !

Not that they were that great at responding , but ? Their website is

Been a while since I ordered something , but was there any warning ... ?

Did I look at something last week ?

The requested URL "[no URL]", is invalid.
Reference #9.9dc2ce17.1631247569.3d9f4d5c

Parent company - Bankruptcy ...
Posted by old4570 | Aug 28, 2021 @ 10:17 PM | 19,901 Views
Compilation of Engine news and tests for the year 1971 ..
Posted by old4570 | Aug 25, 2021 @ 12:18 AM | 13,027 Views

Bee Hives !

Cant do " Notin " cos of the 22 hour lock down or are we locked up ?
Anyhow , been a while since I reached for the Macro gear .
An attempt at macro photography , try and sweep away those covid blues .
Posted by old4570 | Aug 07, 2021 @ 11:00 PM | 28,982 Views
QSP Parrot D2 (12 min 28 sec)

Have you heard people say - My Kingdom for a decent pocket knife ?

What I have today , is a decent pocket knife for the money .
It doesn't look TactiCool or anything , it is in fact some what a classic pocket knife when it comes to size and looks .
It opens via Thumb Stud , slowly or quickly . Just depends .

Problems - There was only one !
My liner lock was SOFT ! and the knife would easily gravity open . ( I hate this )
SO I had to dis assemble the knife , give the liner lock a bit of a bend inward and re assemble .
Lock is nice and taught now . No issues - barring in mind it did need correction .

Blade steel .. Good old D2 ! I really like D2 when it's done correctly ..
Factory edge returned some 250 slices
and my 22deg 180 grit diamond cut edge returned 450 slices of rope . ( Thats decent D2 performance )

With a flat grind on the blade , it makes the spine of the blade almost perfect for running on a ferite rod ( make some sparks ) as the angle at the spine is greater than 90 degrees . It does throw a nice spark ( In the video ) .
Here in the land of Oz , the price on the parrot at the moment is just under $55 republic bananas . This makes the Parrot really good value when compared to some overpriced , underperforming knives on the market .
Remember , this is the D2 version . I own a earlier 440c Parrot that completely disapointed .
I much prefere decent D2 to some underperforming exotic . ( But thats just me )
I like the D2 Parrot , an if they all are made to the same standard ( hopefully tighter locks ) , then a big thumbs up from me .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 27, 2021 @ 11:43 PM | 19,116 Views
Compiled and uploaded ..
61 pages of Covid Boredom busting reading !

@ hip pocket
Posted by old4570 | Jul 20, 2021 @ 07:23 PM | 15,691 Views
Made a few changes so I could share @ RCG

Engine News 1968 + Some engine tuning from 68

Hmmm , Covid bored publication !

No , I'm not taking credit for anything except for a bit of screen grab / editing / re sizing / and printing to pdf .
Posted by old4570 | Jul 20, 2021 @ 12:19 AM | 14,952 Views
1969 Engine News Compilation - For the year 69
+ TOPSKY .375 DIY Engine series .

Covid Bored with 22 hour home detention ( Lock Down )
Danger Dan says seven more days ? ( Danger Dan likes the sound of his own voice ) .... Just an opinion !

EN69 PDF , should be available soon ( uploaded ) ..
Posted by old4570 | Jul 18, 2021 @ 10:32 PM | 13,289 Views
A few years ago I made it my mission to save as many Aeromodeller documents / books as possible .
Over at Hip Pocket ( https://www.hippocketaeronautics.com/ )
There is a sizable collection of Vintage magazines posted .
I have posted under two user names ( old4570 and MattEK )
Anyways ,,,

Time to get help - To fill the gaps in Aeromodeller magazines .

Needed are issues from :

1939 - 02, 03 , 04, 05 ( Months )
1940 - 01 thru 08 and 11 , 12 ( only have 9 and 10 )
1943 - 02
1944 - 07
1946 - 12
1948 - 11
1949 - 08 and 12

As you can imagine , from 50 to early 70's is rather complete ..

So if you have these missing issues and can turn them into PDF's That would be great .
Or maybe photograph the pages ?
It would be great to make these issues available to an ever decreasing modelling community ( Save our history )
Our Hobby = Our History !
Posted by old4570 | Jul 15, 2021 @ 02:18 AM | 13,690 Views
Ganzo Adimanti at the rope (13 min 47 sec)

Oh dear !
I have wanted this one for some time .
All the reviews I have seen have been so positive or anti negative !

A) The knife is very well bolted together .
B) The knife looks really good
C) The knife feels - Ok , I have issue here .
The grip is cut short and a trendy looking bend is put right were my pinkie finger wraps around the grip.
That corner digs into my finger ( watch the video ) . Also the clip hits the bone in my hand ..
Making the back end of the knife a pain .

D) Blade ... That false edge looks sweet ! But makes sharpening on my guided knife sharpener a PITA !

Lets get right to edge holding .

Factory Edge returned 200 slices of rope
Guided knife sharpener returned 200 slices of rope - This is not good for D2 Tool Steel .
So I put the knife to the whetstone grinder -
Oh yeah , the grinder really shows up a badly ground edge . And the Adimanti had a badly ground edge .
I did not grind away 100% of the old edge ! That may have been a mistake , but I dont like grinding away my blade steel . I did clean it up 98% at the very least . There were signs under magnification that a little of the old edge remained here and there ( Just a little ) . And that may have cost me a little performance .
Whetstone grinder edge - 400 slices of rope . Thats double folks .

Also the Faux edge is sharp enough to use one of those fire starter rods - ( in the video ) .
Over all...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jul 10, 2021 @ 09:21 PM | 3,962 Views
I liked XP .. Just a shame no one ports it for modern hardware .
But from time to time I run it VIA VirtualBox .
Only problem , ( only ? )

Well , a big problem is surfing the net .
using old browsers that support XP , they tend to lock up and crash when hitting certain web sites .
Here I am with XP , a browser is out there that is actually ported for XP .
It be called MyPal ..
Opera 36.0 can still be downloaded - but locks up a lot . ( Maybe some configuring ? )
But , so far MyPal seems to be running ok .
Now to find other software that will run on XP ...
It's like so yesterday , but from time to time it's nice to re visit older software like Win95 or 98SE ..
Though I dont know that you could surf the net with those ..
There was supposed to be a hacked / ported 95 some where out there ? But I never found it !
Posted by old4570 | Jul 09, 2021 @ 11:00 PM | 5,593 Views
So I was flying ( well , going to go fly ) .
When I got a battery warning on starting up the Tx .

I was a little confused to start with ...
Then from the dark recesses of my mind - I remembered there was a button cell in the Q x7 ..
A CR1220 3v battery ...

So I thought that must be the problem , I have had my Q x7 for some time now .

To check on your CR1220 in your Tx ...
A) Turn it on
B) Press and hold for the Tx menu
C) go to screen 6 scroll down to RTC batt , and you should have a voltage reading ..

* Time for a new keyboard .. This one is getting long in the tooth ..
Posted by old4570 | Jul 08, 2021 @ 12:46 AM | 8,269 Views
Hobbyzone Cub slow and sexy (6 min 43 sec)

Soo much bad weather !
And the universe pulls out this fantastic / cold / day ..
Of course I had to fly something , in this case a slightly anaemic Hobbyzone Cub . ( Really craves more power )
It flies real slow , I mean slow . It does it really well .
Just needs a little more hot sauce though ...
Posted by old4570 | Jun 27, 2021 @ 05:43 AM | 15,058 Views
Ganzo FH51 D2 at the rope (14 min 42 sec)

A) First thing I noticed was the knife would gravity flick open - I dont like that !
B) 2nd thing I noticed , the pivot screw assembly for the blade was ???? glued ?
C) 3rd thing I noticed was the shallow threads on half the screws , one being the other pivot screw .

So to fix the gravity issue ....
I had to damage the grip panel , make a hole . So I could get glue into the area around the main pivot screw head . Glue the screw to the grip panel .
Doing this allowed me to dis assemble the knife , bend the liner lock for more tension on the blade ( fix the gravity issue ) .
Anyways , with the PITA drama out of the way .

A) The knife is about the right size to be a pocket knife
B) The clip is not annoying , you feel it . It makes the knife feel bulky , but it's not a pain .
C) After re tensioning the liner lock . Walk N talk is excellent . No slop to speak of and the lock holds .
D) Sharpening the knife , the steel did not feel particularly hard nor soft . Was hard to get a read on it from sharpening .
E) D2 ? Apparently so , 450 slices of rope with the guided knife sharpener edge ( Right in the D2 ballpark ) .

Apart from the drama , looks like I got me a real D2 knife for around $25 USD + a few dollars for shipping .
Ganzo Firebird FH51 D2 ..
I will say it , looks like Ganzo is trying hard to bring decent D2 to the market .
Not like other companies who are happy to take your money and give you rubbish .
Decent D2 is few and far between . ( For me so far )
Maybe I should stick to Ganzo
Posted by old4570 | Jun 25, 2021 @ 05:06 AM | 27,386 Views
I really like how smooth this Tx is with all models bound to it so far .
I dont believe it , but better than the Taranis Q x7 . ( Feel the difference )

User Manual - Very lacking !
Even basic stuff is skipped over like channel reversing or Tx Voltage level display .
I seriously suggest hitting youtube . Hopefully some one will have posted a video .
So thank you YouTube posters for filling in the gaps .

Just be aware that depending on the firmware revision , the instructions may not be 100% on the money , hopefully though in the high 90% tile . Either way YouTube should get you there .
Why the Tx voltage is not a default setting / display on the screen = ?
One would think it was important enough ? ( I would )

Aside from a few minor PITA moments , I really do like this Tx .
Just from the user perspective ( Flying a model ) , it really is plush / precise / and just feels really nice .
Do I recommend it ? = Yes .
So far my flight experience has been nothing but positive .

A few interesting things , RM says that 100% throws may not be enough and that up to 125% can be done ... ?
? So , with some models , 100% Tx throws may not actually be 100% in the model ..
And the owner can adjust Tx throws to 125% to compensate ..
Im not sure , but ( I should read the manual more carefully ) you may be able to go beyond that .
Hmmm , It's wet / it's windy / it's winter / so maybe I should test a few things ..
Because my TT did not roll as well as it did with the Q x7 ..
Anyways , I like the TX16s . Ok there might be some education involved but that's PAR for the course .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 21, 2021 @ 12:06 AM | 30,919 Views
Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2 (7 min 23 sec)

2nd trip to the field and 3rd flight .

Hmmm !

Expert mode is lethargic ! ( Aileron )
The S 2 is under powered for anything exciting .
What it does do really well , is fly SLOW - real slow ! Were talking sexy slow ! I think you could walk faster than the S 2's slow capability .
Intermediate mode is ?? ...
Seems out of place , Int is a wilder ride than expert mode ,,, What's with that ?
I would like for the S 2 to at least roll , and not into the ground !
That TT looks brilliant in comparison .
Got a serious ITCH for the S2 ? = Buy the Turbo Timber ( UMX ) instead .
I would lose no sleep if the S 2 was phased out of production .
In fact , I would love to see a Super Turbo Timber . ( Better than 1:1 power to weight )
Posted by old4570 | Jun 19, 2021 @ 07:46 PM | 36,072 Views
Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2 (7 min 41 sec)

I set up all the flight surfaces as straight and level as I could .
Battery is a Nanotech 260mAh 1s , it's simply a press fit into the battery bay / slot .
CG did seem to be good .
The S 2 did balloon quite a bit , and to not hang off the prop I needed a fair amount of down elevator .
That really slow flight , the S 2 is hanging off the prop some what .
I came home and made a adjustment to the elevator ( down trim ) . The more power I gave , the more it climbed .

Beginner Mode - Wow , can still turn tight . very smooth and my only complaint is the ballooning .
Intermediate mode - Far more responsive , maybe too much so . Really took me by surprise . For a moment I thought I had entered expert mode .
Expert Mode - Seemed a little lethargic to me .

Really going to have to trim out that ballooning .
Power - yeah , needs more power ! Just , under powered .

As a beginner plane . I can see that . Just needs more power so as to grow with the pilot .

Hmmm , Does it offer anything that the UMX Turbo Timber does not ?
Since I own both , I think the TT is the better choice . The size difference is marginal . Where you can fly is pretty much the same . Price ? Rather close .
If you think the TT is too expensive , then give up a few Beers or cigarettes or both and put that money into the TT .
So after adjusting the elevator , I need a 2nd maiden . Be nice to see what the S 2 can...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jun 18, 2021 @ 08:55 PM | 22,652 Views
So lets do this :
Bind is DSMx 11ms - The first attempt failed , so I powered the S2 down and then powered it up and tried to bind a 2nd time - Instant bind the 2nd time .
Rudder / Aileron / and Ch5 all needed to be reversed .
Ch6 was routed to my Trainer Switch - This is the panic recovery function . No need to reverse .
My timer and timer re - set are VIA the two position switch I use for throttle cut . So when I activate throttle cut I also re set the timer . And when I de activate throttle cut I start the timer .

I soldered in a new battery plug / and will be using the Nanotech 1s batteries , the one I reached for is apparently 260mAh .
Flying weight is going to be around 66 grams .
CG with the Nanotech ? Looks like it might be close to the money , wont know till I fly it .
Still need to neutralize all the flight surfaces , which I will do after lunch .

Installed a custom JPG for the model image , and also set up the screen to show the battery voltage of the flight battery .
A nice feature , especially when you dont know how long that battery will last .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 17, 2021 @ 11:55 PM | 11,855 Views

Volantex Sport Cub 500 ( 60 grams flying weight )
Priced from $140 AUS to $180 AUS with or without free shipping . In oz expect about $20 for shipping . ( 180 is the banggood price )
It is a RTF and I dont think a BNF is available .
Protocol is V761 - 4ch

Hobbyzone Sport Cub S 2 ( Weight around 57 grams less battery )
Got mine for $160 AUS with free shipping ( Ebay discount voucher )
Usual BNF price is $200 AUS

So from a price perspective , they are very close .
The S2 is the larger of the two with larger control surfaces .
I will re-plug the S2 for batteries I have in large number , so flying weight might end up closer to 70 grams for the S2
Yet to do anything to the S2 , so consider this a quick and dirty comparison of two popular Micro sized Sport Cubs .
In the US you can have the S2 RTF for $140 USD , and the Volantex should be considerably cheaper .
Butt ? What about the flight experience ?
Which is better to fly ?
Im thinking it might go to the S2 as just looking at it - it looks a little more serious .

So I have to solder a new battery plug to the S2 , then bind it to the TX16s and set up the functions .
Then go fly .
It's raining again here ( Winter ) , but Sunday might be ok ?
Posted by old4570 | Jun 17, 2021 @ 07:57 AM | 12,585 Views
TX16s and the Volantex Sports Cub 500 (4 min 13 sec)

Ok , I was really pleased with the result of the 30% Rudder to aileron mix in beginner mode , so I did the same mix for intermediate mode . I wanted the Cub 500 to turn tighter for smaller spaces . I mean really tight . So If I tried real hard , I might be able to turn it inside a 2 meter square box now .
I like the ability to turn tight .

That TX16s really does fly the Cub 500 smooth .
Posted by old4570 | Jun 16, 2021 @ 01:17 AM | 25,835 Views
And by fails - I mean fails to bind !
I have a Micro heli - My very first one ! & I lost the controller for it .
Not that I want to fly it anymore ! - But I do want to pull out the flight control board and turn it into a small glider
Butt ! I cant do that if I cant control the flight control board .
So I burned some time trying all the protocols to get a bind .

Fail 2 = Joyways Invader Wing .
Actually I have already pulled the Rx out and replaced it with a new Rx and brushed ESC so I could fly the wing .
Original factory Tx & Rx combo was so bad , I renamed the model Crash Invader .
Well that Tx & Rx are in my motor glider project and are still a PITA to use . Even thought the motor glider is slow and stable .
I did hope the Tx16 had a protocol to cover said Rx , butt alas no !

About 90 minutes of my life flushed away .

I really do wish that manufacturers would standardise their protocols a little more .
Simply because some of the ( many / many ) toy transmitters are just complete rubbish . And the ability to bind to a hobby grade transmitter could very well be the saving grace for what otherwise would be a complete rubbish experience ( as in bound for the rubbish bin ) .
I remember binding my V911 heli to my 9x Transmitter . Chalk and cheese .. On the 9x , it was just a completely different animal . Well behaved and responsive while the factory Tx was vague and just a PITA to use .
Oh well ! I just might have to throw that little heli in the rubbish , it's just collecting dust !