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Posted by ricardobowe | Apr 29, 2019 @ 04:41 PM | 3,240 Views
I recently had my Cessna 195 go into the swamp at my field due to what I can only describe as a radio glitch. I lost control could not steer the aircraft and watch in horror as my big slow plane headed into the swamp. I had written it off and was looking for the next buy. The next day some intrepid members of my Flying Club waded out into the snake and gator infested water and retrieved the plane.

I was surprised when I got the call that the plane had been recovered. Even more good news; the wings were not warped and the body condition was fine after 24 hours in the water. They put it in the club house and I went to get it the next day. I am looking to rebuild it and this is where my blog begins; the day after.

The best thing that they could have done for me was to put the plane in the club house. It allowed the plane to dry evenly.

Step 1
The first effort is to access the damage. With the wings straight, I need to work on the balsa coating. I dont need to remove it I need to straighten it and hit it with thin CA