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Posted by para5063 | Apr 23, 2016 @ 11:14 PM | 3,607 Views
Not a Storm Drone but a beginner build nonetheless. I decided to try something different. My first two quad builds were built around the CC3D flight controller because I felt comfortable with the Setup Wizard and the GUI in general.

What's different about this build?
First, the frame is the ATAS Defiance 265 frame. This was the predecessor to the Robocat 270 frame. I wasn't happy with the Matek PDBs fit on the Defiance Frame so I decided to hold out for the Defiance PDB that DAXO (Armattan) was developing. I'm glad I did. The Defiance PDB offered generous solder pad area for the battery connections. Several pads for LED connections. Two header locations for a 5v Pololu and a 12v pololu stepdowns (for 4s applications). Makes for an easy build. .

Secondly, I went with the combine motor / esc setup of the ZTW Blackwidow Motors. The motor is a 2206-2250 kv motor. It's paired with an ZTW 18A Lite ESC with BLHeli FW (SK bootloader) built right into the bottom of the motor housing. It has generous slots for airflow and they are offered in CW / CCW versions.

Lastly, I went with the Flyduino KISS Flight Controller. It's based on the STM32F303 chip and uses the MPU6050 Gyro/accelerometer. The firmware is developed in-house by Flyduino based on the Multi-wii software. What a big difference from the CC3D / Openpilot/LibrePilot GCS software! Where the OP/LP GCS has pages upon pages of deep configuration settings. The KISS FC GUI is only TWO pages! Talk...Continue Reading