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Posted by wayne65 | Mar 10, 2021 @ 10:23 AM | 12,146 Views

This is my Evel Knievel Falcon 120.
Runs on 12 cell setup (two 6 cell 6000mah Packs).

Here is a link to the Video:

Wayne's EDF in Danville (2 min 25 sec)

Posted by wayne65 | Sep 11, 2019 @ 08:40 AM | 5,822 Views
All the paint was from Lowe's. Test samples and was brushed on. she's not a Beauty queen but works for me.
I built the takeoff trolley after I realized I was not going to hand lunch this jet with a 13X6 prop spinning right behind my hand.
The motor is a 45 rim-fire. I run a 6 cell 5000 pack. The jet is very stable and has no stabilizer unit on board.
I can drop 4 bomb and a fuel tank during the flight.
Yes, I have to get read of all my bombs and drop tank to land......LOL (no landing gear)


Posted by wayne65 | Aug 21, 2019 @ 02:33 PM | 6,122 Views
If you are building a Yellow Aircraft F-14. and missing Plans, I have the build manuel and full size plans in PDF.
If this will help you get your F-14 Air Born, Then I am glad to help. The JPG's and PDF's are way to big to post.
If you E-mail me, jet[email protected] I will see if I can send them by way of Email.
I am not sure if it is complete but better then nothing.

Hope this help.

Posted by wayne65 | Aug 21, 2019 @ 01:43 PM | 6,016 Views
I was talking to some RC Group members and saw a lot of unbuilt and half built F-14's due to lack of info and plans.
I have some sheets plans to the Avonds F-14. Maybe someone out there can post what I have missing or post the hole set and help get some of the unbuilt F-14 air-born.
I tried adding the PDF's and JPG's but the files are way to large. They are full size plans.
You can E-mail me: [email protected] and I will see about sending the file by E-mail.

I hope this helps

Posted by wayne65 | Aug 14, 2019 @ 06:54 AM | 6,000 Views
This is my Yellow F-14. The test flight was 2018 at Jets Over KY.
Twin 120mm EDF's on 12 cell, four 6 cells total
36 lbs
here is a video link:
Best Electric Scale Jet at JOK 2018. (2 min 34 sec)

Posted by wayne65 | May 20, 2019 @ 02:37 PM | 7,369 Views
I have a FeiBao 1/7 scale F-5 for sale

. I set up the jet as a 120mm EDF. I still have the split Turbine pipe, fuel tanks, intakes and small other items to convert back to Turbine.
You will have to install wood mounts to install your Turbine. The front nose wood mount needs fixing (ran off the runway into the grass )...Daaaaa
Comes with a 9ch X spectrum receiver. The flight stabilizer is an Eagle tree guardian. Air Breaks and all the servos
I used a 3 cell 2200 for the BEC Pro receiver power and two 6 cell 5000 battery packs to fly it.
The jet WILL NOT come with the 120mm EDF unit or the 160 HV ESC.

I will take $1700 for it, I have Paypal. you will have to pay for boxing and shipping or pick up in KY zip 40160.

I am starting a new project and the Boss said "Clean out the hanger".
I am King of the castle ,,,,,, when she's not home.....

Feel free to PM me for any questions and photos.

Thanks for looking.

Posted by wayne65 | May 16, 2019 @ 01:47 PM | 6,970 Views
My Aviation Design F-117 in 1996. it had an OS .91 ,127mm Ramtech fan unit, Spring air gear, Great Flyer.
Posted by wayne65 | May 16, 2019 @ 01:25 PM | 7,278 Views
This F-106 is a Usher kit. Dynamax 120mm EDF , Rom Air gear, working drag air brakes , Eagle Tree stab system , 12 cell set-...Continue Reading
Posted by wayne65 | May 16, 2019 @ 01:17 PM | 6,939 Views
My F-106 in 1995, scratch built, O.S.91 Ramteck Fan spring air gear.
Posted by wayne65 | Mar 02, 2018 @ 09:48 AM | 11,319 Views
My Apache Toys