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Posted by KristofferR | Apr 09, 2019 @ 02:52 PM | 1,871 Views
The kit has been warming a shelf for many months. I got started a few days ago,

Initial impressions of the build is slightly daunting, partly due to the very informative manual detailing every step and the somewhat unique rear servo installation. My Emax ES08MA servos required some slight cutting of both the plastic and fuse Elapor to fit.

Progress went fine otherwise.

Sorting the wing connectors took a while, I made my own from M6 connectors, cables and servo connectors. There is a kit available from MPX, 1-00112 and it’s pretty decent value at €20-ish.

Most difficult part was putting the fuse halves together. I used Zacki CA and UHU Por. With Por there is some time to adjust everything.

There is one mistake you could avoid: The square carbon bar is supposed to go 18mm into the motor mount and fixed with CA. Pushing it in, the glue set instantly and I tried to adjust but overcoming the glue grip I had the bar sliding in and out until it ended att 22mm and refused to move.

A trick I always use building MPX is to scratch up the surfaces that are glued; be it Elapor or plastic. A knife and a coarse file does it. In particular I do this to the control horns. They have fallen off on MPX RR models but never from any of my builds.