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Posted by KristofferR | Dec 20, 2017 @ 01:05 PM | 4,808 Views
I cobbled together a DIY spray booth using a cardboard box, some kitchen fan filter inserts, tape, plastic kitchen film and a vacuum cleaner. I had the idea and refined it after watching Youtube; in particular
how to build a cheap spray booth airbrush painting secrets (10 min 23 sec)

No paint anywhere; although the solvent fumes came back through the open door after ten minutes so I had to open up everywhere.

Result was a positive surprise, I have not been successful with spray paint in the past, but the Tamiya plastic primer spray was very good to work with. I heated the can in a water bath before starting. I really did enjoy the painting and I can see myself getting more into this.

Made one beginners mistake laying too much on the ”sills” and got some runs on the first car. The paint sort of bounced off the cardboard and ended up 1/2” too high and covered ”double”. Some sanding will be needed.

Next time I will put something under the body to raise it above the bottom of the booth and allow some spray to go underneath.
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 17, 2017 @ 10:07 AM | 3,065 Views
I tried the FPV system on my Easy Star 2. The build was covered in previous posts. The plane flies very well and ”pops” nicely thanks to the carbon pieces.

The setup is a Runcam Eagle 2, an Immersion VTX and the Eachine EV800. Everything worked flawlessly. Since this was my first time with a VTX on a fixed wing - no flight controllers, RTH etc, I did a solid range test before: With the Multiplex TX in range test (LO POW) mode and the VTX on I wandered in circles around the plane and tried different TX antenna angles and all was well.

The EV800 screen sat on a tripod on the ground. I had no spotter and as this was my first try I wanted to focus on flight and picture quality.

One mistake though, as I was going through my mounting options at the bench I ended up putting the camera housing upside down and did not realize until I was on the field.... and did not bring the little programming cable.

Anyway, I hand launched, spent a storage charged 950 pack and landed on the snow.
I found an plane-to-antenna angle that appeared a bit weak and rotated the screen/antenna assembly to eliminate outside influence and the weak spot followed. As the sun was setting I also aimed out and into the sunset and the Runcam did excellent in the varying light.

Since I use a transmitter glove and fingerless gloves, finding the ”holes” in the TX glove after hand launching and getting control takes 1-2 seconds so my second start was done from the ground, piece of cake! The Easy...Continue Reading
Posted by KristofferR | Dec 07, 2017 @ 01:19 PM | 4,088 Views
I picked up a couple of Lunch Box kits at one of Hobbyking’s sales. The idea was to let my kids in on the fun of building one of these.

We sat down a few nights on the kitchen table cutting parts and assembling the gearboxes and most of the chassis. I had ball bearings so they a full set. I did the suspension and steering, they finished off with the wheels. It is a pleasant and simple build thanks to excellent instructions and parts quality.

The Boxes kits came with motor and an ESC. Pretty neat. Only thing necessary is a servo, TX/RX and a battery - and paint, but you could run it ”as is” in black plastic.

My radio choice is Traxxas TQi, because I have them. I had to order an extra RX. Servo is a JX metal gear. NiMH is leftovers from an old Kyosho RTR. XT60 connectors. I plan to use a 2s LiPO too.

Now there is just painting left to to and then assembling the body.