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Posted by Lance | Jul 04, 2018 @ 03:10 PM | 33,222 Views
Me and the wife often go to the local park just to walk a lap or two around the small lake there. Some of the locals will fish off the bank, and typically catch small perch or whatever the native little fish are (looks to be some sort of cichlid to me). I've never fished off the bank there, but I always get a kick out of seeing a little kid with a fish on the line. I was a little kid once too, and at that age any fish on the line is a big game fish. At any rate, we were walking the park and I see a young fella with what appears to be quite a fish on the line. He's got a simple cane pole, and it's bent over like a willow in a stiff wind. So naturally we walk over to see how things turn out, and the guy brings in this really nice carp. The fella said he had landed one even larger than this earlier that had a more golden/yellow hue that he had put back in the water. He offered to let me hold this one up before we put it back in the lake. Beautiful fish really, so I had my wife snap a photo of me and this gentle guy before letting it go. He was there simply for catch 'n release, which I can admire. That's a true purist fisherman in my book.