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Posted by guamflyer | Sep 16, 2019 @ 11:58 PM | 573 Views
Its been awhile since I added anything but I still Fly... LOL.. the slopers went back to power rc ... but Rodney still keeps his electric sailplanes handy.. I have been flyin small electrics and motor gliders.. moved ..divorced... still in guam. Building table is back in service..three planes so far.. will post pics.. btw... check out john woodfield on youtube.. some good stuff there... will be back soon
Posted by guamflyer | Sep 14, 2017 @ 07:39 AM | 5,269 Views
Theres been some funny weather passing Guam that has made the winds funny kine... needless to say, it's a good time to get some planes done.. right when North korea threatened to launch a missile at Guam , I was designing an airplane that is smaller than the original.. The Shamans arrow was designed for the 50" class of slopers.. A standard stick on a wing set-up. originally it had a thinned selig 3021 foil then progressed into the RG-15.. needed winds for the RG equipt one to fly well. the 3021 performed very well in medium lift. this current one is 40" running the selig7055 for light winds..
the shamans arrow mini as I called it weighs 12oz ,1/16 washout, 110 degree V-tails set at zero, the dihedral is 1" , incidence is 1/2 degree poss, it has a tail moment of 12", root chord of 5" , nose moment of 7.5" and 22% C.G. And it fly's nice right off the board.. two servos.. I build with balsa and foam core sheeted wings for more bang for the buck.. I like wood .. couple pics down below and video to follow soon..
I have a set of s3021 50" wings on table waiting for fuse.. I wanted the 50" class as well.. those wings don't have any wash out.. I also have a set of RG-15 50" wings waiting for fuse also.. fever is rampant..

why do I give the specs you might wonder..simple.. so you might use it for yours... Then we go fly.............


Posted by guamflyer | Dec 13, 2016 @ 09:25 AM | 5,582 Views
I'll add current projects here and pics of days at the slope..Amazingly ,.. three more slopers to add on the Guam slope pilot roster..
It's been 10 years since anyone else has flown slope with me..I have checked out the power fields but the Call of the Slope is too strong in the Heart......Continue Reading
Posted by guamflyer | Dec 08, 2014 @ 07:47 AM | 7,235 Views
flying all kinds of stuff seems to run full circle at some point I guess....been developing this size/class of slopers for some years now.. Maui was big winds and fast planes..they didnt have to land well cause sometimes there was only pieces left on the slope..and besides .., no one left Unscaffed... since returning to guam, the slopes are difrent but still flyable.. atleast I got seaclifs...I'm pretty much the only sloper on island ...more to say but I'll get back to that.....

All I know for certain is that I can not stop thinking about and building airplanes..Its all there is oftentimes to save and maintain sanity...

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