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Archive for June, 2010
Posted by steve wenban | Jun 26, 2010 @ 11:14 PM | 5,201 Views
Finally this weekend I got stuck in and did the repair work on the Bearcat which now need to has some glass work done on 1 wing and set it all up again . Not really a big deal as its easy to work on . Also today i was able to bring 2 of the hanger mates together in 1 piece ,so now the know they each exist therfore they are Hurricane looming up fast as well as a revamp of an old 70's model that really has to be made flyable again

Posted by steve wenban | Jun 13, 2010 @ 04:48 PM | 5,081 Views
This weekend saw me finish off all the electrical work ,all it needs is to be balanced and charged. Ummmmm not quite true my son took the servo cover mould over to his place to clean it up polish and get it generally ready to lay up the covers and his damb dog chewed it up
soI'm current making a new plug for the covers .Still if it does not fly soon then it will be another Maiden flight at the Manilla slope fest .Mean while next weekend I get the Bearcat down and get back to work on her airworthyness .