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Posted by steve wenban | Mar 07, 2007 @ 03:43 PM | 9,271 Views
I thought I'd posted this already but seems like I didnt , anyway here's a photo sequence of my son making a mould .
Just to add a little to my sons statements polyester resin is not a great mould making material as it is far to brittle it also sucks water like a sponge and is damaged to easy and hard to repair the. The vinylester has an epoxy matrix and is far more suited to the purpose , also it bond is much better with other materials such as carbon and kevlar . Its a lot easier to bond Vinylester and epoxy and get a solid joint where as polyester and epoxy have a very weak bonding to each other . So once you have layed up your first model out of the mould you can use all the standard glues like zap and 5min epoxy to build with knowing that the bond will hold together in flight.
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Posted by steve wenban | Mar 01, 2007 @ 12:28 AM | 8,032 Views
It flys its quick and she's flicky Ive got some more dialling in to do with her but its a missile in the making