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Posted by nigelsheffield | May 17, 2017 @ 08:15 AM | 9,623 Views
Having used the eachine vr d2 goggles for a bit and found them to be uncomfortable and also suffering from a white out screen problem I ordered a set of Hyperion goggles f640 off eBay for 85
They are available in various places including Amazon and gearbest etc etc,
Just search and you will find lol...
They are much nicer to wear and so light I can just push them on top of my head when I m not flying,
Picture is not adjustable and neither is the lens position so if they don't suit your eyesight you would probably struggle, maybe glasses could be worn I guess.
For me they fitted ok , slightly less colour then eachine vrd2 and eye spacing is not quite right for me but not too far , I can still fly with them.
I've tested them for a few days now and I'm getting used to them, picture is not as large and vibrant as the vr d2 goggles but it is more in focus and much easier on the eyes, I can fly for as long as I like without getting headache ..
Battery lasts maybe 3 hours and can run on a usb charger to charge up whilst flying so more problem there.
They can be worn with or without the black out cover and work fine both ways, obviously black out cuts out any light problem reflecting on screen.
There is no DVR function which is a shame because it means I need to have my vrd2 goggles with me if I want to record the flight .
There is av in and earphones so film watching is possible but tbh I would not fancy watching a whole film with these.

Overall I am happy with them, especially at the price point which is close to the big box type goggles ,
These are much smaller and nicer and just look cool!( Star trek fans will like em just for looks alone lol.).
Only one antenna but range on stock antenna is already better then the vrd2 which has diversity.
Antenna can be swapped for different types of needed and I will be trying out some akk cp antenna on it at some point when weather allows.

Here's a few pics.
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Here I am , I'm no Geordie la forge lmfao!
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 06, 2017 @ 08:47 AM | 7,692 Views
Bought this camera / vtx combo for putting on a RC glider at some point along with head tracking should be good range and fun!
The extra weight compared to the micro cameras I've been using won't be a problem for my gliders to carry and the extra vtx power will be good, lack of a wide angle lens will actually be a bonus when used with head tracking because there won't be any fish eye effect and focus should be better.

Shows size compared with tx03
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 05, 2017 @ 12:02 PM | 11,083 Views
Just got this this very light 25mw camera vtx combo from akk technology.
Aliexpress shop
They do a good range of fpv gear and i also got 600mw vtx and camera too.( Will review that soon )

Arrived very fast, great service!

This review will concentrate on the s2 but I tested the bs2 later which saves 0.7 grams by using dipole antenna and found it performed just as good!

Initial impressions are very good.
It arrived well boxed and i hooked it up right away to a single cell lipo and got a very nice picture, really clear , nice colours, focus was better then other cameras i have of similar size.
Viewing angle is very wide but not distorted too much but slight fish eye effect is there, perfect for indoor and proximity quad flying.
Light handling is excellent, copes really well with changing light conditions and colours are perfect, i tested it indoors at dusk with lights off and the camera picture was much brighter then reality but with only slight grainy effect, very impressive!
Weight with connector is 4.2 grams but it has circular polarised antenna fitted , there was a dipole antenna included in the box ( not included in box anymore ) so fitting this would no doubt bring the weight down closer to the advertised 2.8 grams( instructions say 2.8g with without antenna and lead )
Built quality looks to me to be of very good quality , solder joints look cleanly soldered , everything is neat and no flux residue.

Some pictures
Side by side with eachine tx03, as you can see akk s2 is much smaller
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Edit here is bs02 which weighs 3.5 grams. Performance is as far as I can tell identical to the s2. It's the same camera but with dipole antenna to save weight.
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Video bellow.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Mar 06, 2017 @ 03:37 AM | 7,033 Views
As some you might know I do like a deal and I'm a cheap skate but also like new tech etc so I though I'd make a blog of deals I find.
Some might be affiliate links and some won't but I will not just post any old rubbish.
Comments are welcome and suggestions welcome too.

Affiliate links will cost you no more but i will earn a few % in theory, I've not tried this before so if I find it is a just a con I will stop using the affiliate links lol...
Posted by nigelsheffield | May 18, 2016 @ 01:26 AM | 9,942 Views
Got tempted by a cheap deal and bought a few h101 from
After flying the cx10w and getting a taste for indoor flying again this quad is enormous fun, it is really fast and agile and yet very stable.
I found the controls a little lacking and did not like the flips and inverted which is just the quad flying upside down but all controls work as though it was the right way up.
So I built the diy tx multimodule
For my taranis and have much better control.
Then I decided I would rather have a real acro mode rather than the silly flips and inverted and headless modes so i flashed the h101 with new fw
Now I have a fantastic quad which flys like a real grown up quad lol.
It handles wind easily now and with some practice i can do manual flips and possibly fly inverted but with controls as they would be on a real 3d heli.
Only down side of the quad is battery bay is small and will only fit 150mah battery which lasts 4 to 5 minutes tops but I bought a charger and 5 batteries for 9(more then the quad) ,unfortunately the ebay seller sent me batteries that were too big to fit so i hacked one of the quads battery bag to try them but quad flew badly with extra weight and rattles more because battery bay is part of the structure of the frame but seller refunded in full so can't complain.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 28, 2016 @ 09:58 AM | 9,601 Views
This is another change for me from flying , this time a boat.
Double horse 7014 from

A few pictures of the boat and parts.

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Posted by nigelsheffield | Mar 02, 2016 @ 09:51 AM | 8,655 Views
Thanks to for sending me this fun little quad , my first quad and my first fpv all in one cheap package..

I reviewed it here.

Snowing outside!
Cx-10w fpv snow though window (0 min 50 sec)

Posted by nigelsheffield | Mar 02, 2016 @ 09:04 AM | 8,477 Views
nigels 2.1

here I've updated my scripts to work on opentx 2.1 all in one zip file as I am too lazy to upload everything separately ...
So they go in SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY and selected via the custom telemetry screen in telemetry page.
Please note these are for 2.1 version tested on 2.1.7 by me on imperial setting, they will not work on on opentx 2.0, if you need the 2.0 versions of any script they are still on .
Included is the dlg/bungy launch height script and the altitude graph with flight times and personal best, you should remember to check the instructions to set personal best to zero on the rcsettings post, ie
personal best which saves your best ever time in gvar 6 fm9 which you need to set to -1000 to zero it and turn off tx and back on again.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 19, 2014 @ 05:12 AM | 9,791 Views
Ordered this half price along with gliderman, 28 half price from r2hobbies.

Again will do build log and report on flight when done.

Will be asking over here for tips.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 19, 2014 @ 04:53 AM | 9,955 Views
OK I ordered the gliderman 3 meter with the motor and servos installed for half price 72 plus post of 50 odd but with that I ordered another glider too so post not so bad.

will be asking for advice etc here

and will do a build log here and of course eventually reporting on the flight probably in the summer by the time I get round to this one too.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 05, 2014 @ 03:50 AM | 10,390 Views
OK I took the plung and ordered a new dlg, a thowt by ondrej
After scruffy bought one and showed it off I thought it looked well worth the money and should fly better then the blaster.
It will be my first dlg build as the blasters were both second hand.
Ondrej is making it as I type this hopefully and I will update once it arrives.
I will have to decide on how to install servos etc and will watch scruffys build with interest!
Posted by nigelsheffield | Nov 20, 2014 @ 12:24 PM | 8,985 Views
Got my HK minimoa up in the clouds with a keychain camera on, lost sight in the clouds at 1300ft so a spin down was needed , makes me want to try fpv!
UK laws limit power from fpv txs so might not get great range.
minimoa clouds (8 min 55 sec)

Another video, no lift but smoother.
minimoa smooth (13 min 55 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:24 PM | 9,902 Views
After flying planes and then powered gliders I bought a second hand blaster dlg, a bit beat up but flyable if a bit heavy. I then got a new one and put sd150 servos in it which burnt out after 3 months, I replaced them with hxt900 which worked well but were a bit big , I since replaced them with Corona DS633BP which have worked fine ever since and change from 2 cell lipo to one cell which gives a good 5 hours flying time.
Struggling with launch heights due to bad back but thermalling is amazing compared to my foam gliders.
Relights were next to impossible with the dx6i, having to put the throttle stick back up from bottom to top, reset timer and flick the flap switch while spinning round ready to throw the thing again.
With the Taranis I programmed it all to work with one momentary switch, which does everything including telling me my flight time and my launch height!
No competitions round here but I do compete online with buddies all over the world and in the UK for longest flights in a given period.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 01, 2014 @ 01:12 PM | 10,194 Views
Last year I got an early version of the frsky taranis and having had a spektrum dx6i for about 5 years was at first a bit daunted but soon got to grips with it and absolutely love it.
I soon bought 3 varios 4 rxs for my gliders and a module to make it work with my dsm2 rxs for my powered stuff that does not need telemetry.
Now await I the new version of open tx with new progrqmming to learn it should be fun.

Updated now to opentx 2.0, blaster dlg needed some repramming and few custom switches wrong on a couple,of other models and now all is working again, vario tones are different, cannot get a dead zone with no beeps but beeps can be tuned in their pitch so have made them lower and more bearable.
Can back up entire radio and settings to and from SD card now which might come in handy if I make a really big mess lol.
Posted by nigelsheffield | May 30, 2014 @ 06:57 AM | 9,293 Views
OK so here's my blog for my phoenix 2000 kit from hobby king.
Setup is
Motor kDa 22
50 amp esc from HK
3amp ubec
Hxt900 on elev rudder and flaps.
Cheap digital white servos from HK on ailerons.
Battery I use 4 cell lifepo4 a123 1100mah home made packs weighing 173g.
Stock prop and spinner give good performance 15 seconds to about 500ft and I use 2 mins of power total using about 660mah giving me enough to spare for gliding around for a good hour or more.

A bit of tape over some of the compressed foam hinges was needed.
A rubber band secures the hatch just in case it pops off like some have said.
Push rods and clevises seem all good though some have had them break in the past the ones in my kit seemed very good, I did just put some heat shrink around ends to keep them from opening.

Flights are very good with 15mins dead air which is not much but not using much mah with my lifepo4 option compared to a lipo of say 1800mah which would give mo like 40 mins dead air.
However most times I go out I thermal and get 20 to 30 mins easily, and often more.
A number of times I have got over an hour.

I have 3 other simiiar gliders ie 2 metre foam wings,
Ask21, asw28 and minimoa, they all fly nice in their own way but the phoenix is the best all rounder having good speed good thermalling ability aerobatic performance and can be slowed down with crow braking for landing making it easy in all conditions to fly and land.
Posted by nigelsheffield | May 30, 2014 @ 03:42 AM | 9,100 Views
Realised I don't really use this blog so thought I would update it,
OK been flying for about 6 years now after a long break.
Electric made that possible and easy.
Having flown foamies both home made and bought , 3d and scale I now settled on gliders, I have been obsessed by dlg blaster 2 for the last year or more and love thermalling it even though I can't throw it that high and there are no competitions here in Yorkshire.

Just got the phoenix 2000 gliders and doing my 1st full house setup which is fun.

Biggest move I made recently is going from the spektrum dx6i transmitter which I have used for 4 years to the frsky Taranis.
I will elaborate more later but it was such a revelation to be able to do so much mixing after being limited to 2 mixes on the dx6i, and with a altimeter and vario it has made thermal gliding much more easier and interesting.
Getting my head around the programming was not as hard as I thought it might be but did and does take some thinking about.