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Posted by xatled99 | Feb 20, 2011 @ 08:55 PM | 4,735 Views
two warmup flights on my trusty 4s 350mm frankenbeater 450. it flew well, as always.

re-remaidened the logo 500se. switched out the mod 1.0 gearing for mod 0.7 and added kbdd paddles. reverted to stock mikado dampers from trex 600 dampers. everything seemed groovy, except for a slightly loose belt slapping around inside the boom. collective seemed smoother after i swapped in the sleeved washout.

put two packs through my trex 500esp as well. tail was wagging a bit with the quark, so dropped the gain some.

contemplating a radian pro and/or a foamie cessna 182.