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Posted by xplaneguy | Nov 11, 2011 @ 09:11 PM | 15,253 Views
This is the Exceed RC 90mm F-18E/F available from Nitroplanes.com.

Upon opening the box, you immediately appreciate the size and appearance of this F-18. She's a thing of beauty! The next thing I noticed was the optional two seat cockpit which is very cool. I had the pleasure of supporting the very first F-18F here at Edwards AFB, CA more than ten years ago, so once I get a second pilot, I will be using the two seat cockpit. Assembly time for me was several hours. The majority of the time involved removing the paint from all attachment points for the wings, horizontal stabilizers, vertical stabilizers, nose cone and exhaust nozzle. I used two part epoxy to glue everything on. Loctite was applied to all landing gear hardware for added security. Foam safe CA was also appled to the nose landing gear rear wood mount to ensure a stronger attachment. The kit gives you the option to install thrust vectoring nozzles. I opted for fixed nozzles to minimize additional weight and additional work.

Once our weather clears, I will be flying this aircraft on a 6S 40C 4000mAh battery. I can't wait! More feedback to come after the maiden.

Here's a few pictures.

All the best,