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She is ready to go. Good looking model. Pretty darn fast cant wait for it to get just a little warmer!
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Hello guys, after the full review of my new Tamiya Aqroshot with that question: Is this car the best model for beginner?


Unboxing of my all new Tamiya Aqroshot: my very first stadium truck. I had bought this model for starting my wife and children in that hobby.

That's the first of 4 videos dedicated to this interesting model.
This Tamiya model is supplied with very interesting features for this level of price: ESC, Torque Tuned and CVA Hydraulic dampers and very well adapted for beginners: easy to assembly and good performer we will check that.

When we think RC Truck, we think to Team-associated RC10T or Losi products but this Tamiya Aqroshot based on the DT-03T chassis could be a very good entry
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have matek 405wing, inav 2.3 in a skyhunter.

Problem: launch mode will only activate and work when manual mode selected. I select launch, then mode other than manual (RTH for instance) then arm, then set throttle. The board will not proceed to auto launch. But if I leave it in manual mode, set launch, arm board, set throttle then it works. I have tried setting RTH (or horizon mode), then go through the above process and this doesnt work either. Seems as if auto launch only works when manual is selected.

Any thoughts?
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Does everyone know the Flybear F16 ?
Two motors , and thrust control ?

This is the FF Chuck version = FX723 available on Ebay ..

Flight control is VIA F949 control board .
Motor is a hot little 8520
Battery will be 1s

I have gone with all moving elevators for control .
CG was the challenge .. And there I cheated by checking some RC F16 user manuals .
The two forward black lines on the back of the F16 represent the CG locations ( as near as I could tell ) from two user manuals I checked online .
The rearward black line , is the CG location with a single 1s battery .

Now , the battery bay allows for two 1s batteries side by side .
This actually moves the CG much closer to the rearward / forward black line .
And with some back yard glud tests , two batteries seem to glide .
I could just put some lead in the nose ( really I could ) .

But if I use two batteries , then I guess that means I can fly twice ?

Lots of flight trimming probably needed , ??? bit windy right now and I had to re glue a few things as the glue I used before did not grip this foam well .
The F949 flight board came lose on the 2nd Chuck in the back yard . ( Needed re-gluing )
So let the glue dry , and the battery in the T12 was down to 6.5v . So the T12 battery is on the charger .

Hopefully some micro F16 fun soon .
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The original X440 has a nice fiberglass fuselage but getting the battery in and out requires removal of the wing with 2 wing bolts. A one bolt system could be incorporated but getting the battery into a proper CG position and keeping it from shifting is a challenge. A canopy could be cut out but it’s a lot of work. Here is another way using a sliding battery stick/tray made from plywood and 3M Dual Lock fastener tape.

Most conventional models have a CG (center of gravity) between 25 to 33 percent of the wing width (chord). Specifications may give you a distance from the leading edge of the wing back to the CG. As a rough check we use our fingers ( or CG stand) to balance the model and move the battery (usually) forward or aft. We verify the CG using various checks during flight to see if it suits our style of flying. The forward 25% usually results in more stable flying and the 33 position results in less stable but more responsive pitch. Once you find your favorite CG point it’s a good idea to mark it for future reference when a different battery is used or modifications are made. With the X440 I use a music wire “bridle” to balance the model when loading the battery. The bridle is inserted into the fuselage with the wing removed. The battery is placed so the fuselage is level. If I want to move the CG a little forward then I place the battery so the fuselage is a little nose low or high for a more rearward CG. Once I have it set I fly to confirm the new position. Here are some pics to show how it’s done.
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Hey guys, so today I learned a valuable lesson. I let a stressful week get the best of me and unintentionally took it out on a fellow rc man. I purchased a plane for a great deal, and was left wondering was it to good to be true? I sent payment as quickly as I could get to after understanding that two people were waiting to buy, and payment was needed within the hour. Well I sent payment, and asked for confirmation with no reply. Again I sent a message with no reply. Again I sent message with no reply. My patience was poor and got the best of me. and before I thought it out and took a breath. I went to assuming the person just ripped me off and I was a sucker. I then made a post calling the seller a scammer. Pretty harsh thing to do in this environment. Then I started getting all the delayed responses, indicating shipping, payment. ext. Well by this time I've already contacted PayPal opening a claim. Only to find out this seller went out above and beyond and was eating high shipping to get it out. My response, well feeling as low as a bug on the ground. I mean wow, I just overreacted, like people you see sometimes and go man what a rear end he is! That was me this time, and I have never acted this way before! What the heck! Stress I guess gets to everyone at some point, and I just wanted to share this story and my feelings on it. There are good people out there, and sometimes we just have to breathe and re center ourselves. I learned this one the hard way today. Thanks and happy flying.
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A good number years again I built a twin . Sold it on and always wanted another Now that electric is around and I now have a few , decided to build up a small twin I found a control line plan and printed it out and started the build . Quite a few decisions and changes along the way to make it r/c Started it 18months ago and only got a bit of the fuse done Now with this covid 19 locking us away have now got to this stage . The motors I bought for it turned out far to much power so have now set it up with two 1700 blue wonders as had quite a few in store . It is 36in span and so far it is 253gms as in these pics
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We have A/C power at our flying field, so I put together this portable charging station. This setup will let me charge [email protected]
Build a LiPo Charging Station #WithMe (9 min 14 sec)

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Well today being stuck at home as we all currently are . The weather finally getting nice enough to think about getting a chance to actually go fly I took the time to clean and move thing around in my shop / hanger when I got done . I put the wings on both of my 35 cc gassers the 75 " 3DHS/EF Edge 540 with a DA35 and My 74 " EF Slick 580 with a DLE35RA neither had been started since late last season . So I rolled them out onto the lawn and started and ran about half a tank of fuel thru each prior to putting them back in the shop . Weather , time/virus regs permitting I hope to get at least one of them out to the field this weekend !
Took a few pictures hope you enjoy ...
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The weather here in New York State continues to amaze - We started the day with heavy rain ,followed by heavy snow {nothing stuck } followed by 50 degrees and sun in the afternoon.........And Wind - it Must be sloping Time

I put the 13 oz Mini machine up and flew a couple of flights while I adjusted my rates and expo ,very rough conditions with gusts and wind shifting across the face {in for a penny in for a pound }Not great conditions to fine tune , but I learned a bit.

All limbered up it was time to get my first flight on the TUCAN , I had picked her up from the west coast with some damage {the nose had been broken off } and the boom had been repaired .
I repaired the nose with some glass and added some Kevlar for good measure .

Even with the less than perfect conditions she launched with out a problem and cut through the slop like a hot knife thru butter.
A couple of clicks of down kept the nose flat through the gusts, ailerons and rudder felt very comfortable.
I still need to get the down elevator compensation programmed .
A great afternoon on the slope .
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Hello everyone, I have decided to move my 51" Slick build log to my personal blog to keep better track of it. I have also decided to finish my build as a pictoral guide rather than a video log. Here are the first set of build videos:

AJ Aircraft 51" Slick 540 box contents (7 min 22 sec)

AJ Aircraft 51" Slick Landing Gear Installation (15 min 38 sec)
...Continue Reading
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For my ultralight cinewhoop project I used this ultralight AIO FC. I like it.
MAMBA F411AIO 13A (1 min 14 sec)

MCU: STM32 F411
BEC: 5V 1.5A
INPUT: 2~4S Lipo (8.4V~16.8V)
SOFT: Dshot 300/600
MOUNTING: 25.5mm/M2
WEIGHT: 5.5g
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Foxeer Micro Predator 4 Full Cased FPV Racing Camera 1/3 CMOS 1000TVL 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL Switchable 4ms Latency Super WDR Lens

Foxeer Micro Predator 4 Full Case. Хищник с новым корпусом и линзой M12. (8 min 44 sec)

Link: Foxeer Micro Predator 4 Full Case
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RC wire.
Interested or need wholesale please contact me.
Posted by cuavlindy | Apr 08, 2020 @ 09:45 PM | 4,093 Views
CUAV speech in ArduPilot Developer Conference

New products from CUAV (11 min 23 sec)

Posted by alex111 | Apr 08, 2020 @ 08:52 PM | 4,262 Views
My lady Mary Sydney ferry
Posted by alex111 | Apr 08, 2020 @ 08:50 PM | 4,266 Views
One of my Hong Kong Ferrys Rc
Posted by alex111 | Apr 08, 2020 @ 08:48 PM | 4,277 Views
My navy radio control boat