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Actual footage

Posted by naDah | Oct 12, 2019 @ 04:22 AM | 2,915 Views
Yay! I got arsed! Also got some really decent footage from the get-go.

HBX Devastator + FS Racing Victory X mucking about (4 min 35 sec)

Posted by naDah | Oct 11, 2019 @ 06:00 AM | 1,486 Views
So for winter I got myself a HBX Devastator and the cheapest camera and receiver for FPV:ing, so I guess there will be a lot of indoor driving. Also got an idea on how to give the Victory X an upper-deck plate for mounting stuff. Might turn out very sweet.

Other plans for winter is what I guess most people do; maintenance. I need to fiddle with my diffs and shocks a bit. Maybe even see if I can fix that stupid center diff I got.