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Posted by Pat Lynch | Sep 07, 2014 @ 04:25 PM | 11,757 Views
After the rather manic effort of getting the little Polikarpov PO-2 (Polly) built, flown, judged and winning (thanks Pete) , it was obviously time to get back onto a major project. No lack of them - they were hanging around on the ceiling, all silently calling "me next, me next...." Alas, their cries were in vain and I decided to get the big SPAD almost flyable (just some aileron servos to fit) and then get back to my favourite - the big Anson. I'd really only got together most of the parts to build the beast - from sticks of 1/8 X 1/16 spruce for miles of stringers, to 2 choices of motors (32 and 46 sized) ESCs etc. Plus miles of lightweight 1/16 balsa. So no excuses, I started back on 'Annie' with a vengeance.
The build thread gives all the gory details but mostly deals in the trial and tribulations and is not a real blow-by-blow build thread as few folk will be building one and the couple that started off seem to have disappeared - hopefully they will return.
The thread is here:

The Anson has given me many challenges along its short life - fillets, glass fibre work, a really difficult (for me) airframe, that undercarriage, old plan interpretation etc, etc! But it is progressing! As I celebrated my 70th year, I wondered whether my methodology was working and I guess the fact I can 'churn' out models fairly quickly (the Po-2 took around 3 months) means a few things are working! Firstly, the workshop. Not...Continue Reading