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Posted by Peacemakr40 | Jan 21, 2012 @ 02:38 AM | 12,450 Views
Well, Since I'm about 70% of the way through this, I decided I should probably document the Build.
The Build was based on a desire to get back into the hobby again. I recalled my DF builds and the god aweful costs for DF engines and fan units. Surely technology has improved. Maybe Electric is the way to go?
I've been flying and building since I was young and though my technical skills may still be there, a Hiatus of more than 20 years hasn't helped my building skills.
So I scoured the web and found as many images of the hogs as I could. I looked at plans that others have built for the most important " how did they do THAT?" details. What? Form a canopy with a foam mold? I thought these people must be crazy.... OR, they found a new way to do what I've taken a week to shape from balsa.

Ok, First, lets look at what size do I want? do I want a large scale? well power units will cost as much as the Nitro DF's. Do I want a Micro with twin 30's? Why? I can buy one cheaper than I could build it. So I settled on a Basic Fuse length of about 4 foot, that made the wingspan about 51-52". 4 foot fuse and 4 foot wings? That'll fit in the car just as well as my H9 P-51.
This would mean I can go with between 70mm and maybe, if I'm lucky, 100mm twin Fan units. Worst case Scenario, I can do the twin .049's in 2 liter nacelles.

So from here, it's a matter of picking a 3-view and printing it out. I measured everything I could and based (wrongly) that I needed to scale up by so odd 5.6667 and measure in 32nd's. The scale works out to 1/13th scale.