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Posted by HangerJake | Sep 15, 2019 @ 11:29 AM | 1,405 Views
Greetings. Just got a Dumas Gipsy Moth for my birthday. I decided that since there is not too much info on this particular kit from Dumas that Ill start a build thread. I intend to design the plane to be a a 4 channel with ailerons. Unlike the Trittle Tiger Moth the Gipsy is a little smaller and instructions do not include how to make it RC. With 30 to play with, I think theres plenty of room for a wide variety of options.
Im going with the lightweight PICO GWS radio that I had in my GWS Tiger Moth (Yes I love Tiger Moths)
Considering going with a brushless BL250 for power... probably almost too much but it flies the Trittle Moth with plenty of power!