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Posted by GeoffS | Aug 12, 2019 @ 04:08 PM | 1,506 Views
I got out to fly both Saturday and Sunday last weekend.

Saturday started well with a "no crashes" flight of my newly repaired Bixler 2...
... then I flew the ZOHD Dart.
I was practicing some low-speed vertical turn-arounds (pseudo hammer-heads or wing-overs).
The last one (it's always the last one...) was a bit too low and messy. I flipped into auto-level mode, but I think I kept trying to fly the plane and just confused things.
In any case there was a big full-power crash into the ground...
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Easy fix with some superglue and Kapton tape...
Ready to go for Sunday.

Sunday a friend and I went out for some casual flying.
I started with some aerobatic practice with my Champ S+ (newly repaired just that morning!).

After running down one battery I switched to the Bixler 2. Did some mild aerobatics an lots of "just cruising around".
Then I came in for a low-pass near us. No problem. Eased back on the elevator and started a gentle left turn away from us.
... then I hit the football goal-post ...
A new break (for me); the motor and mount broke from the airframe and "unzipped" the seam between the two fuselage halves:
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