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Posted by RC911 | Feb 04, 2015 @ 02:09 PM | 158,494 Views
My firmware is based on the original code from Rolf Bakke (KK2_1V6) and therefore have most of the features from his firmware intact. I have however added quite a few features of my own and some on request from others.

Key features:
  • Three flight modes: Acro, SL Mix and Normal SL.
  • Simplified ESC calibration (performed without transmitter).
  • Reduced servo jitter on M7 and M8.
  • Increased PWM output resolution on M1 - M8.
  • Configurable AUX switch functions. Supports 5 positions.
  • Multiple user profiles. Not available in all firmware versions.
  • Support for SSG (Super Simple Gimbal). This feature is based on Brontide's code.
  • Remote gimbal offset control. This featured is based on Steveis' code.
  • Remote tuning of PI gains and other parameters.
  • Lost model alarm.
  • Lowest battery voltage logged and displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Quiet ESCs while browsing the KK2 menus.
  • Advanced channel mapping.
  • Flight timer.
  • OLED display support via (soft) I2C. Only available on KK2.1++ AiO R9 (for now).
  • Adjustable LCD contrast/OLED brightness.
  • ...and more. See the included Readme.txt and Whatsnew.txt files for more information.


KK2.1++ AiO R9
This is an All-in-One (AiO) version that supports standard receivers, CPPM, S.Bus and Satellite (DSM2/DSMX) input. See the release notes here.
It will work with all KK2.1 boards from HobbyKing as well as various clones and a few "improved" boards (like the KK2.1 EVO controller). It even supports the unofficial KK Mini board that has the button order...Continue Reading