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Posted by joseico90 | Aug 06, 2013 @ 09:23 AM | 214,836 Views
This link will take to the my most active thread,
I wanted to resist the multicopter trend but I couldn't, I flew a DJI Phantom and the bug bit me!

I've made a small tri-copter that flies very well, now I'm building a 450 size Quad-Copter.

30th March 2015 EDIT

Things have moved quite a bit over the two years this blog started, now I'm doing FPV, see last pages.
I'm also going to post here plans of my frames, courtesy of my friend John "Potshot" ...Continue Reading
Posted by joseico90 | Nov 29, 2010 @ 05:47 AM | 23,881 Views
Hi, thanks for stopping by

I'm going to post here some of the several models I've built and flown over the years along with some info about them.

About me,

My interest on aircraft and specially RC model aircraft began in my childhood around the 1970's in Spain my home country. I began flying with control line as a teen in the 80's but a nasty accident involving a fast spinning propeller and my hand put me off the hobby for several years, I still wear the scars.

Around 1992 I bought my first Futaba 5ch Gold series together with a plane and a OS 40 SR engine on it, all second hand, I still got that radio.

Soon after I learned to fly and land with some IC trainers and never looked back..I was hooked. I've been involved in this hobby on and off since.

Passionate about electric powered models since the 90's I got rid of all my gas engines/models and converted to just electric in approx 1995.

In Spain, my native country I became one of the first electric only modellers and helped many of my flying buddies to understand the electric world and choose power plants batteries etc.

I discovered Depron and lipos around 2007 when I returned to the hobby again after a 4 years gap.

This Section will contain my more recent own designs and models built from plans, modified versions etc. See bellow for older models.

Update 09/12/12

Latest foamies I've been working with..
Underball 24"
The Underball 14"
Deltoid VTO
28" twin Nutball ...Continue Reading
Posted by joseico90 | Nov 24, 2010 @ 07:23 AM | 28,728 Views
For the last year or so I have been heavily into multicopters and FPV, is now time to fly things with wings as well, so in this thread we can talk and share about anything that flies, in this way we leave the multirotor thread for now.