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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

WIN a free Eachine RC product from Banggood by choosing & voting for which Eachine rc products you like. In this 2019 11.11 Day celebration & promotion, also known as Double 11 day, I will review and share 3 Eachine RC products with you where you can choose & vote for the products that you like and stand a chance to win it for free, so please tell me in the comments of this video what 3 of these Eachine rc products you like best and support me by voting for my reviews during this upcoming promotion, more details to follow soon.

Eachine RC Store link:

Double 11 Promotion Introduction - What would you choose? (2 min 30 sec)

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This was a rough summer in every way except with my favorite hobby. Since this time last fall, I have built 5 Balsa ARF kits. Each one was a little different. They all took at least a month. With the latest, a PA Katana 52, I learned a few things that have me going back over my previous builds and tweaking their setups a little. I did a lot of flying with some really good people. I am currently depressed. It's OK. I know it and keep an eye on it. It's situational, started in April, and I'm not going to get into detail about it. I am out of my planes to build, but a friend was nice enough to let me build his PA Ultimate AMR this winter. That should help me get my mind off things. I am hoping to pick up another balsa kit to build during Black Friday or some other sale. Of course, I keep forgetting a friend gave me a little 3 channel Steerman balsa kit with plans to build for my son. I know I can do it, but there is one big block of wood in there that is intimidating. I have to make sure I am relaxed and ready to take it slow when I get to that part.

In the meantime, here is a video new club member at LAMs, Nate, took while I was flying earlier in the spring. It was probably one of my best flights all summer.

Precision Aerobatics Addiction - Just Having Fun (6 min 28 sec)

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Easy disassembly on Ghost Rabbit GR1 (0 min 17 sec)

Spherical bearings on the trailing arms of our Ghost Rabbit GR1 are secured by snap rings which can be installed and removed without the need for snap ring pliers. We strive to keep the number of required tools for our cars low. A set of common Allen key wrenches will do for most of the disassembly on a Ghost Rabbit GR1.
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Prusa Slicer, as its name suggests(!), is a 3D printing SLICER program.
I have used Simplify3D for a long time now, but read a bit about SLIC3R and how Pruse Slicer is based off that - but made even BETTER in many way!! So I gave it a try !!
So many features that Simplify3D does NOT have ! Important things!
It is even more intuitive and easier to use really!

So unless I find some REASON to NOT use it, this will be the Slicer of choice to use from now on !!
If you have not tried it, or use it now, then go to Prusa and GET IT !!
It is FREE........ so no excuse to not get it, and to not use it !
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Seeing my 3D printed Tiger 1 tank is a BIG project and going to take a LONG time, I decided to BUY a tank.....
Hmmm, which tank?.....
If I am building a Tiger 1 then maybe a King Tiger? Or something else?
And what brand, and how much to spend.

How much to spend? The LEAST - that will get something actually good and WORTH having!
That mean HENG LONG brand.... and it does cover BOTH of those requirements! Cheap, and good !!

I had actually looked at these MANY times over the last years, thinking to get one but I THOUGHT that it might not be importable to Australia as it has an AIRSOFT gun in it! But I guess Airsoft 'guns' are only controlled here when they ARE GUNS - when they look like real guns and rifles.

Hmmm.... if I get a Tiger 1 then I will have a scale model to work off for the bigger one! And I like Tiger 1

It was the second cheapest. AUD$230. Versus a Panther at $200 - but the Panther is a BAD scale model, as it uses the Tiger 1 BASE.... which the full scale version was actually built from to some degree, but Heng Long used ALL of the Tiger 1 base and it ends up notably incorrect thanks to that! Thus the Tiger 1 was chosen....

When I got the tank I was AMAZED!!!
I had watched videos, and read reviews etc, but when I got it I found that it WAS all that great stuff they said and MORE when in person! They pretty well 'do' everything' you would want/expect, and VERY WELL too! With super detail and finish, quality etc.
And it is FUN to use too!!
...Continue Reading
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I know its a bit long but worth it! I managed to pull off the basement beam powerloop again and pull off a gnarly backwards roll gap! 🔥 Thanks everyone for all the support!! 🍻 🍻
Not your Average Barndo Edit! Learning how to fly Backwards! Reverse Roll Gap!! FPV Freestyle (12 min 4 sec)

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NGH 60 Inline Twin 4 stroke Petrol Engine

I’ve been testing one of these new offerings from NGH on my test stand in anticipation of using it to displace the DLE 55 currently occupying the nose of my ESM P40. No issues with the DLE is continues to give sterling service but the sound of the 4 stroke twin holds an irresistible attraction!

In any case, being a new kid on the block, I though my experience and observations might be of assistance and/or interest to those of you considering this engine. At this stage it’s had about 2 hrs running on the test stand. I’m running 91 octane gasoline mixed with a good quality semi-synthetic air cooled 2 stroke oil mixed at 25:1. The prop is a 2 blade AeroStar 22x10.

General Appearance: The motor appears well made and the finish is comparable with any quality engine on the market. NGH seem to be using the 30cc single head and cylinder as the basis for the twin although I suspect that the twin has a lower compression ratio as the compression is noticeably lower than that of the 30cc single that I have. This has the advantage that a starter will readily fire the twin up whereas it can struggle to spin the 30cc single!
Starting: The engine needs some throttle and choke from cold. It needs to warm up so the choke should be gradually released until it will hold the throttle setting then the engine warmed up. Once warm up is achieved, it should settle to a reliable idle. If the engine has been stopped for 2 minutes or more it needs...Continue Reading
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GR1 1/5 4WD SOLID REAR AXLE TRUCK (0 min 17 sec)

Parts are prepared well for assembling the Ghost Rabbit GR1.
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A scooter ran a red light at 25mph & smashed straight into it. Miraculously, only the wheel was smashed. He broadsided it & dragged it a few feet, but manely took out the food it was carrying. Scooters & bikes are in the grey area of not having red light rules enforced & not having speed limits.

In regular use, the lion kingdom has had 1 wreck every 2 years & all in crosswalks or sidewalks. The 1st wreck was an SUV turning right, destroying the cargo area, damaging the chassis & 1 wheel.

Ground vehicles which coexist in the road network have similar expenses as flying, but instead of impacts with the ground, it's impacts with full sized vehicles. Fortunately, they don't damage the other vehicles or cause injuries, but when cars impact robots, car insurance doesn't cover it & it's pretty much the robot owner's expense.

They're quick with the sorry's & the excuses but no driver is willing to pay for it. Lions don't pressure anyone for money because of what happened to quad copters. If there's any hint of liability, they'll regulate the ground robots into the stone ages. They're already banned in almost as many areas as quad copters.

The mane problem is they're harder to see than humans. Near misses with cars happen every month, usually when cars make right turns. High acceleration & planning for it is key. The lion kingdom usually has the robot drive ahead, in order to bait cars. If the car keeps going, there's a good chance they don't see the lion.

There were a few right turns that would have impacted lion instead of robot. The robots are all intended to be expendable, but there's still a desire to prevent one from becoming a total $500 loss, in today's money.
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I was inspired by the X-31 thrust paddles. They looked simple and effective. My goal is to make an EDF that truly capable of hovering like the turbines. The model will be the Freewing Mirage. It'a AUW is reported to be 2,200g. I'm installing the Schubeler 80mm fan set up for 6S. With 4,000g of thrust I just might make my goal. I'm going to make a test setup t dial this unit in. Shouldn't be too difficult to program with my 18MZ. It will use 4, 7g servos with 27 oz/in of torque each. I'm shooting for a complete system weight of 65.3g. I may remove the rudder servo as it will not be needed. The TV will work as well or better than the rudder and it will work at zero airspeed.

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According to US media reports, on October 15, a young boy named Essen and a pet dog were lost near the town of Pamo, Minnesota, USA. A total of 600 volunteers participated in the search and rescue, and the local police also dispatched patrol helicopters. Searching, many people who are concerned about the event prayed for the boy online.

The search and rescue work continued from 4 pm to late night. Due to the lack of additional lighting on the farm night, the visibility was extremely poor and the outdoor temperature dropped drastically, which brought great difficulties to the search and rescue work. I thought that Steve, a volunteer from the drone service company, brought his drone, a multi-functional drone developed by an industrial drone manufacturer in China, equipped with a thermal imaging lens. It can continue to work at night.

It is understood that the thermal imaging camera used by Steve integrates a high-precision thermal imaging sensor and a 4K visible light sensor. It can record and transmit thermal imaging and visible light effects at the same time. In real-time image transmission, thermal imaging and visible image can be displayed side by side or picture-in-picture according to the needs. At the same time, the latest machine intelligence technology is combined with FLIR MSX image enhancement technology. The combination of visible light and thermal imaging provides rich detail and produces sharper thermal imaging, making it easier for users to identify targets. At two o'clock in the morning, when searching for a cornfield about a mile from the farm, two spots appeared in the thermal image, and a long spot was moving in place. "I think it should be a pet dog." And the boy, so I informed everyone," Steve said. Search and rescue personnel immediately went to the location to successfully find Ethan and his pet dog.

After being rescued, the boy had all the good signs and had returned home after being examined by the hospital.
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Just putting this out there do not buy anything from PR bush wheels they take your money and never send out your item I emailed them five times with no answer now I have to fight with PayPal to get my money back this is not awesome
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This is what I managed in our recent Western province and South African masters championships. I flew in the Advanced class and when our new season starts in January I'll be flying in the Masters class. (one level below F3A). I competed with my Mythos 125e. On the Saturday we could only fly two rounds because of the strong winds (35 kilometers per hour) after which I was lying in first position. 👍 😁
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I found this old radio controller but i don't have the fitting receiver... but it is nevertheless possible to use the onboard chips to use it with an arduino receiver or do i have to build an transmitter one myself with the accelerators from the control..?
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The lion kingdom can remember no time when it needed 2 power supplies simultaneously. They were only used for remembering different settings or having different connectors. Manely, they were hoping for a future need that never came.

A Rudung was sacrificed. The new butter surprise created a stable 9V from a 12V battery. It had a 0.5V dropout.

Subjectively, the results were more realistic than without a regulated voltage. There was a steep drop in PWM for the 1st turns, then a leveling off. Finer precision was still a matter of complete drives & measuring charge.

The alignment affected downhill drives more than uphill. It might have been because more weight was on the front wheels when going downhill.

The 1st 9.2 mile drive burned 246mAh/mile.
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Yesterday the San Antonio Prop Busters held our 4th Annual event for modeler built models. Our thought was that by encouraging modeling we would get people deeper into the hobby. For a small club, I think we’ve been pretty successful. This year we had great weather and 17 registered pilots, who averaged two planes apiece. In the pictures below you’ll get a taste of the variety. It wasn’t like the typical fly-in where you see same, or similar, factory built planes, one after the other.

The event is now dedicated to the memory of the master modeler Lee Moore. A mainstay of the early days of a Bomber Field and similar events, Lee spent a good portion of his last years flying with us and inspiring us. One of the delights of our club meetings was when Lee would show up with his latest creation. He was super supportive of this event and helped several members get over the hump of their first builds to be able to participate.

We thank our friends with the Tri-City Fliers who stepped up and helped us out when we lost our field (as reported previously in this blog). They have a beautiful site about 50 mi East of San Antonio co-located with a vintage aircraft museum. This distance may have cost some attendance but I als noted that Oct 19th was a very busy day in Texas for sanctioned events.

A special thanks to Jim Rice, Former AMA Dist VIII VP and recently retired chair of the AMA safety committee. He was responsible for a number of the excellent prizes we were able to...Continue Reading
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Hi there, we are looking for a professional designer for RC foam airplanes to help us develop new airplanes. This job includes giving us advice about what kind of airplanes we should develop and helping us design 3D drawings of aircraft, etc.
If any body is interested, please message me for more information.