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Posted by mudman1959 | Jan 02, 2020 @ 10:44 AM | 4,294 Views
To Whom it concerns...

The new imposed regulations for as you call "Drones" with registration of each unit and Remote Id for each is unattainable for the average Hobby Flyer like me and will eventually Kill the Hobby Flyer and the Hobby. I have been a AMA Member for 20+ years and adhere to the rules of our charter. I also fulfilled the previous requirements that the FAA imposed on our hobby by registering with the FAA and adding my registration number to all of the current flying Toy Airplanes that I fly. TOYS... Not a real aircraft is what I fly! How is it that Ultra Lite aircraft have less requirements to operate than you are trying to implement on RC Hobby aircraft? To have a active Transponder system implemented on each Toy with each Toy registered and only allowed to fly in limited areas designated by the FAA will inhibit most Law abiding RC Hobbyist from enjoying the Hobby. How does the FAA intend to implement this ordinance and police the operators of Toys. The FAA has enough issues Policing the operations of Real Aircraft. Just like the debates going on over Firearms and trying to limit who owns them and the type that you can own... Taking the Gun away from a Law abiding citizen allows the Criminal to do what he wants to with no consequences. The Criminal will always find away to commit the crime Gun or not... So in lies the problem with regulating RC Hobby Toys... Some will try to adhere to the regulations imposed even if they are ridiculous just...Continue Reading