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Posted by mudman1959 | Jan 28, 2016 @ 02:51 PM | 6,768 Views
My old GWS Free Flight P51 Mustang I converted to RC a few years back now has a new look on life. I found the Flite Test Mini P51 on the FT site and decided I needed another small P51. I like the design but the top of the fuselage is just construction paper rolled and glued along with the canopy. This is where the GWS P51 came into the story. I am not one to throw something away unless it's totally useless. The GWS P51 had donated it's electronics to other projects and was just hanging around as a display but when I started the FT P51 I had an idea... Would the top half of the GWS P51 fit the FT P51 if I cut it off. Well the Photo shows that it did. I still need to finish it and paint it and add the stickers. The GWS P51 flew Ok but the foam was way to brittle and after several should I say... "Landings with Style". Well it was decommissioned and assigned "Display Duty" where it did a fantastic job until the other day. The parts that were not used went in the trash bin and the bits and pieces that could were salvaged. I think it will work and the Dollar Tree foamboard should hold up a lot better. I have a small power system in it right now but I think a higher KV motor... say 2300 kva is in it's near future as the power system right now will get it airborne but just that. The P51 was a High Speed, Advanced WW2 Fighter Aircraft and I think it needs more power...


Update: 04/04/2016
Finished and Flying... My modified FT Mini P-51 with the bottom half and wing and tail being FT and the top half what was leftover from a retired GWS Free Flight P-51. The motor is a 2400 kva Racing motor for a multi rotor from RC Timer turning a 6x4 prop powered by a 850mah 3 cell lipo. It is fast! The RX is a HK 6 channel with stabilization built in... and it works. Video soon when the weather will allow it... Mudman1959