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Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 12, 2015 @ 12:29 PM | 5,564 Views
Have you ever made a paper airplane? Have you ever wondered if it could be made into a RC model? The challenge was put out by the Crashcast Group to make one. The rules were up to interpretation and the building materials were up to the builder. Size had to be at least a 4 foot wingspan and as long as it looks like a paper airplane, all ideas were open game. Mine is based off of a "Paper" airplane I have folded for years and it flies great! My choice of building materials is Dollar Tree Foam board and Hot glue. I still need to add the electronics and flight controls but the airframe is complete. It even looks like the real paper airplane... Mudman1959

It tried to fly... (6 min 22 sec)

Warp 6 (0 min 23 sec)
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