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Posted by mudman1959 | Jun 04, 2014 @ 10:33 AM | 6,370 Views
Had something Cool and Great happen to my Son over the weekend. Due to circumstances beyond his control he lost all of his RC gear and planes after getting out of the Army. This sounds bad, and it was. Now for the good news... A bunch of Great guys and gals that are part of the Crashcast got together and collected all the gear and several planes and a heli for him. The thought behind this is the healing properties of RC... I never thought of it in this way before. When you fly or are just building the cares and worries just seem to fade away and things do not seem as bad. The Vets are struggling with demons we the general public will never understand... They saw and did things that would give anyone nightmares forever but had to push on thru it and continue to do their duty. Now that they are out and on their own these memories come flooding back with no way to quiet them. Well RC is one way! I know how I feel as I am flying... nothing else matters. It's just me and the plane. The Crashcast is going to continue this cause and pick another Vet or two for the next assistance. We all have stuff that we just do not use, bits and pieces... planes gathering dust, lost and forgotten. There is a Vet out there that could with a little help from us that could use this to get better or just quiet the Demons... even if it is just for a bit. If you would like to help please contact the Crashcast on Facebook via Crash Hancock or via email to [email protected]

Please give this a thought or two... I've seen personally what it can do and the results are fantastic! Mudman1959