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Posted by mudman1959 | Feb 18, 2013 @ 08:54 PM | 9,093 Views
PBY (1 min 40 sec)

Well here is a hint at what's on my build table... Can you guess what it will turn into? It was involved in WW2 and loved by it's crews... Well no guesses so I'll let the Cat out of the bag... Mudman1959

Update 02/21/13
The build is going good so far... The main structure is a sealed "I" beam with the frames slid down and glued. Working on the tail section now and the skin is real hard to do in the tight bend areas. I found if you take the foam and roll it in a U shape and work it back and forth the foam tends to be more pliable. The cockpit area is done and I was just goofing around with the marker. I still need to work on the nose a bit, it needs more of an angle cut for the top forward section. I need to get some long servo leads for the tail servos... Still lots to do! Mudman1959

Update 02/26/13
Working on the tail, I need to get the control rods installed. one side is covered while the other side is still open. Feels like it will be strong enough to fly... I hope!

Update 02/27/13
Got the rudder covered and then looked at a few Cat photos... well it looks like the x-acto knife will be cutting again as the stabilizer goes thru the center of the rudder. I guess the plans I have simplified this area and did not show this area clearly. Good thing the rudder is mostly foam... Mudman1959

Update 03/03/13
Worked on the tail some more... looks closer to the real thing. Not perfect but it will do. Also got the...Continue Reading