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Posted by mudman1959 | Jul 05, 2012 @ 05:51 PM | 8,358 Views
Started gluing this one together today since it was just to hot to go outside. This one is for my second oldest Brother using parts and pieces from a plane of his that had too many "Landings with Style"... More to come... Mudman1959

I now have Twins... The Rascal with the metal gear has been the test build, the other will go to my Brother... So it's a Win Win situation. He gets a plane built better than the original design due to changes I made and I get another plane to add to my hanger collection. The second one is defiantly looking better! Mudman1959

The wing is finished, I used flat stock carbon fiber along the leading edge and on top and some at the trailing edge to strengthen the wing. Going to have to see how much flex the wing will have in flight. So far this is the lightest plane I have built to date. Should be a good little flyer, next will be the maiden flight and then tear it all back apart for a paint job... Mudman1959

Well I have good news... It flies! I did some taxi tests with it and everything looked great so I did a short hop with it and it flew straight and level. Rechecked everything and launched it... the only issue is how I had the radio set up with the throttle and rudder on the left stick and aileron and elevator on the right. Normal layout for a full control plane but this one only has elevator and rudder and throttle control so after missing a tree by mere inches after realizing... Hey why is it not turning... Oh ya I got to use the...Continue Reading