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Posted by mudman1959 | May 23, 2012 @ 08:37 AM | 8,991 Views
Started building this P-51D over this last week... It is coming along good. I like the Lazer cut and tab construction, it is going together quickly and you do not have to build it on the prints like the old style balsa build-up planes. There is a little confusion with the instructions over the wing build-up since the kit I have has the modified wing which is different from what the plans show. It is stronger in design and sheeted instead of just covered with monocote. I am not real keen on the upper fuselage section since it is lite molded plastic and fairly thin. We will see how it holds up. I am electrifying this one with a spare 1400kva motor, going to have to figure out a way to mount the battery for easier access so that I can change it out quicker without having to take the wing off every time since this model was designed to be a gasser with a .10 to a .15 engine. Going to paint it silver with probably blue highlights around the nose area. Stay tuned... More to come.

Update 05/29/12
Worked on the wing and got the Ailerons on and working. I need to sheet the wing first and then I can form and sand down the leading edge and the wingtips. Not to sure about the landing gear... I modified them a bit by turning the axles around 180 degrees so that the wheels were on the outside and a little wider of a stance. I think they are to short for the plane and the nose is a bit long, but it is a stand off scale so I guess it will work... Mudman1959

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Posted by mudman1959 | May 21, 2012 @ 06:55 PM | 8,657 Views
Having a bit of fun with my Divinity Wing... Started adding Led's to it to highlight the Red, White and Blue paint scheme. I still need more Led's to finish the other side and a couple of strips of orange for the bottom... Mudman1959

Update 06/13/12
Well back to the building table with this one... I was out flying with some Friends at a park the other day and got hit on my Spektrum DX6i. I was low coming around for a landing and it decided to plow into the ground from about 25 ft up... Not too much damage but it did crack the wings again. After looking it over I decided to build another "Divinity II" #2 since this one has got quite heavy from earlier repairs when learning to set up and fly a wing. It will still have all the same looks as the old one but with a few mods I learned along the way building this wing for other Friends. She was a good Wing and survived for 2 years... Mudman1959

Update 08/25/12
Well the new Divinity is built and almost ready to fly. I need to balance it and do a final control check then it's time to fly. I think I finally figured out why the old one crashed... I found out that one channel the Aileron had just quit working. The receiver had come out of my Sons old blade 400 and it had several crashes on it. So it now has a new receiver installed... More to come for "Freedom 2"... Mudman1959