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Posted by mudman1959 | Jan 04, 2012 @ 03:11 PM | 9,610 Views
I built one of these out of balsa years back and since I have been building planes out of foam for awhile... with my other planes on the back burner waiting for parts, I decided to pull out a set of copied plans for the Sky Tiger Jr. I always did think this would make a good foamie! It has for the most part a box, lock and tab build up which will making it out of foam a lot easier. Started the fuselage today and got quite a bit done on it until the Wife asked if I was ever going to go shower... Funny how time flies when your having fun! It should be a good flier with the flat bottom wing and tri gear. More to come... Mudman1959

Worked on the canopy area and on the tail section. Need to get some servos and extension leads for them.

Well the motor mount is finished and the nose steering is on and working. The cockpit is attached by rare earth magnets. Now on to the wing... Mudman1959

Started on the wings, Old school build here. Nothing special except instead of all balsa and hard woods it has foam ribs. The spars will be capped with foam. Covering will be Dollar Tree foam board... Mudman1959

Got a bit more completed on the wing. It will be a 56 inch wingspan. Next up... Covering it. Mudman1959

Finally got the wing covered, It is a strong wing! A little flex at the wingtips but not much. Next to glue up and carve out the wingtips and the build up the ailerons.... Mudman1959

Finally got the wing...Continue Reading