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Posted by mudman1959 | Dec 09, 2011 @ 07:49 PM | 8,625 Views
I had a good night this last Tuesday... I was watching the RC Radio Network (RCRN) show and they had a call in to win. Well I did! I received it today by UPS. It is a 9mm foam, 45" wingspan YAK 54 designed by Paul Blymyer. Looks like it will be a fun plane but I will not build it right now due to other projects in progress and I would need parts for it; servos, Esc, motor, prop and other sundry items to finish it. I'll post some photos of the contents in the kit... Mudman1959

12/14/2011 Well I could not resist and finished the airframe today and now on to the electronics... Mudman1959

12/19/2011 It's complete! If the weather permits I am going to try to maiden it tomorrow. It has plenty of power and it will easily hover... now if I could fly it like that it would be great... Mudman1959

12/20/2011 IT FLIES!!!! And it flies Great! Just a few clicks of trim and it was doing good. Not to sure if my knees were shaking from being nervous flying a new plane or from how cold it was outside, below 30F here and getting colder. Loading a video to Youtube and I will link it on the page soon... Mudman1959

02/22/12 Not a good day for the Yak54... I smacked it in when a servo quit working and locked one of the ailerons up at full travel during a spin maneuver and I could not keep the nose up when it came down... Sucks!!! This was a good flyer... That's what I get for using cheap servos... Mudman1959

RC YAK 54 (3 min 34 sec)
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